Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hi There

Hello blogger friends, yes I am still here. I have been busy doing STUFF, you know how it gets and we are having a few Internet issues which hopefully will be fixed this week.
Well Easter has come and gone and I hope that you all had a lovely time spent with family and friends. We did.
Caitlin (as you all know is studying primary teaching at Uni) wanted to give the children in her prac class a little gift for Easter and as they aren't allowed to give choccies, sweets etc this was a bit of dilemma. So good ol' mum (me) went and got some pencils and rubbers (erasers for you US folks) and wrapped each one individually (b/c they don't make bags in this strange shape) and made a topper to go on each one.
Here's a close up. The children really loved them as they were something different b/c they had been given chocolate eggs all day (strange i know, i didn't think they could do that.)
Next up another LO for my hybrid course, the photo and frames and the red/white paper where all photoshopped together, then i downloaded a whole page of the warning labels cut 3 out and stuck them on the page. Yes I even got out my needle and thread.

The week before Easter i went to a craft class and made this gorgeous little gift box and matching set of cards.

So of course when i got home I went and made another 4 sets (yes I know you can only see 2 but i did make 4 really,truly) and my trusty cricut makes these tiny, tiny envelopes which fit perfectly.

I would just like to welcome my friend Tereesa to blog land, if you need any cricut/gypsy advise go and ask her.
Now my next update, and to all those who tune in regularly will know what i mean when i say 22.4
I caught up with some friends today to do a bit of craft and all i made was 1 little flower. I did spend a lot of time helping others, but it was good to be on holidays and catch up with some friends.
Hope you are all well.


suzitee said...

ahem ahem...craft friends??? LOL

Your little gifts turned out great! I'm sure the kids loved them. Way to go with the loss...that's an amazing amount...well done! Loving your hybrid stuff...am still gobsmacked by the whole concept.
Chat soon xxx

Jenni said...

WOW! You've been busy!!!

Great work with those gifts, the kids would have been thrilled to get them! How's Caitlin going with her studies??

TereesaC said...

Hi, Your gifts were absolutely lovely. Gorgeous idea without giving chocolate, I'm sure Caitlin was very proud. Take care, talk soon, xxx T.

Tammy James said...

Hi Linda, cute pencil toppers! I got an Egg die to use with my big shot but it didn't arrive until Saturday so no egg making from me, though I have been cutting up the foil wrappers I salvage off the kids eggs ready for next year if I can find them then : )Love your boxes of cards.

Tracey said...

Hi Linda great to have you back blogging. Loving all your creative stuff that shared, those gift cards were too cute.
And a HUGE congrats on 22.4 well done.
love me :-)

Rumi said...

Mom to the rescue! Hope your daughter gave you a giant hug for all the work you did!

Your post was full of wonderful craftiness today Linda!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the idea you came up with for Caitlin's prac class - they were presented beautifully and definitely a healthier alternative than chocolate.

Your gift cards are gorgeous - love how you present everything.