Sunday, March 21, 2010

This photo cracks me up-everytime.

Good afternoon all, its a weird day here today a bit dark and gloomy and very muggy hopefully we will get some rain tomorrow.

Here is my next hybrid instalment. The whole "sweeter than sugar" bit is done on the PC, it was a tag but i made it bigger, added some text and attached some photos then printed it of. Everything else is "real-touchy feely" paper, flowers and ribbon. I printed of a separate little tag on normal paper and cut out the cup cake to go on my flower. I was just going through my albums and came across these two photos and i had never realised how intent Joe was with the candles. Of course way back then we probably had a drama and tantrum about him blowing out the candles, but now these photos just crack me up and make me smile. If you cant read the text on the LO just click on the photo, hopefully it will put a smile on your face, if not it might bring back some memories of your own. Here's a cute card i made with the cricut.
and here are 4 cards i made with the left over paper from my monthly challenge. Don't know about the top right one but i like the others. The top left one will be my Mothers Day card when i borrow a sentiment stamp from Susan (just planning ahead)

Provocraft have just released another bundle of cartridges for my cricut (i already have 4 on pre-order from their January release) but there is a really, really cute robot one and a really cute critter one and a romantic Paris one and a fun holiday one, gosh how is one meant to save for our holidays?
Hope you all have a great week, we only have 9 days of the school term left then yay two weeks off.


Janellybelly said...

I love the LO and the story, we had to re-light candles many times just so we all got a chance to blow out them out.
Beautiful cards too.

suzitee said...

We are still living that story with Merryn :) Great subject for a LO, and so so clever with all your hybrid bits! Looks like you've had a very productive weekend. Love your cards too...using your Cricut gives you permission to buy more cartridges, you know LOL
See you soon xxx

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Family birthdays are so much fun - and certainly more memorable with little ones. Like Janelle, I remember having to relight the cake a few times. Great theme for a LO. Looks like you have had another busy weekend.

Jenni said...

I really love the lady bug card Linda

Rumi said...

Wonderful cards and cute story. Had a close up and I just adore that cute cupcake ribbon!

Yuliana said...

Cute story.
Love the cards.

Anonymous said...

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Katherine Thomas said...

What a great idea to put copies of those old pictures on greeting cards! It would be fun to receive a birthday card with a picture of your 1st birthday!
How do your school vacations work? Do you get 3 months off for "summer"?
Hey, I need to tell you I changed my blog address. (had to, because somebody had a very similar address with some very questionable content)
I'm now at:
I hope you'll still visit!

Anonymous said...

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