Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lovely Mail

I love getting parcels in the mail.
During the week I received some Copic Markers and had a little play with them. This is what i made.

I will have to go on YouTube and watch a few videos on how to use them properly.
This afternoon i made this gorgeous card set which was my Card Makers Tea Party card pack for the month. This set was designed by Susan, isn't it gorgeous and it will/would make the perfect gift.

Five cards in all so this was a very generous pack. (and all made without my cricut)

This morning whilst mum came over i made banana muffins and then experimented with some mango's from our tree and made mango muffins. She asked me why i bake so much especially since i am on my diet and these are the reasons:
: mum is still losing wait so i try and give her food without seeming to do so
: It fills up Joe's lunchbox
: I love baking
: and for some reason i always bake more when i am dieting-don't know why

Next weekend I am going to try a recipe from Rumi to use even more mango's and yippee it's a long weekend...if you need some baking ideas head on over here to A Spoonful of Sugar, Lisa and Sarah are always whipping up something yummy.
Joe's cricket team have made the finals so where the season should have finished today there will still be at least another 2 weeks.
OK that's me done, don't forget to check out A card makers journey if you haven't done so already and have a great week.


Jenni said...

Wow Linda! What a whole lot of loveliness you've been up to!

Those markers look like a packet of lollies....hmmmm

suzitee said...

You HAVE been busy! I have heard lots about Copic markers, and what you've done with them looks great. Glad you like your card set...can you bear to give them away? 'm thinking teacher gifts at the end of the year :) Baking always brings me undone on a diet, so you are doing well. Mango muffins? hmmmmm....they sound interesting, but I guess you can't tell me what they tasted like :)
Have a great week xxx

Katherine Thomas said...

I love the blue cards. I'd say you could teach your own lesson about how to use those markers. (I've never heard of copic markers, I'll have to look them up)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love your latest batch of beautiful cards - they look really stylish with the black accents. Those markers are pretty - have fun using them!

Yuliana said...

Lovely cards. Love the blue flowers.

Anonymous said...

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My Creative Time said...

Hey there Linda, those are the same copics I have!! Let's just say that your coloring is going to be AWESOME! you did a great job for just starting out w/them! I wish I can say the same for myself!! lol....
Love your cards you colored!
hugs to you,

Rumi said...

Have fun playing with your new markers! Happy baking too!

Tracey said...

those markers look like fun... will need to come for a play... wink, wink.
Did another boxercise 2nite, I have realised that I have muscles that I never knew I had.
love me :-)

Melissa Goodsell said...

Those markers look awfully pretty all done up in their box. Have fun playing with them.
Thanks for sharing all those lovely creations too - seriously yummy!!!
Hope you're having a nice week Linda :-)

Melissa Goodsell said...

P.S. I know I shouldn't tell you this, LOL, but I borrowed the sweetest cook book from the library the other day (so much so that I'm going to buy my own copy). It's called:
Ladies, A Plate - Tradtional home baking
It;s full of the most divine old fashioned recipes of cakes, sweet things etc.. There is a new one out too by the same people, but I haven't tracked that down yet (dying too though!!). I'll post some pics from it on my blog this week. I hope to cook something out of it on the weekend - and then try not to eat it myself (so, so hard to do).

Salihan said...

Oh I'm envious! What a gorgeous marker set and you've created the prettiest cards with them. Happy card making and baking too!