Saturday, February 20, 2010

A new blog with FREE card making tutorials

Hi there hope you are all having a great weekend.
Now I simply must tell you about this new blog called A Card makers Journey. Every Friday there will be a free tutorial made for us by Tracey with great photos and easy step by step instructions. So if you are new to card making or an old hand but have run out of ideas go and have a look. As I have said previously on my blog Tracey won the award for Australian Designer of the Year/card making in 2009 and luckily for me she teaches at my local craft shop. So go on have a look.

This is my take on her first tutorial. (ha, i copied every little bit) Yes i even got out my sewing machine. Now for some of my randomness.
Guess who has lost 10kg's?
A little parcel arrived for me this week in the mail and I will show you what I have done with it tomorrow.
Provocraft has just released some new cartridges for my cricut, so you know who will have to go and buy them.
Am still waiting for that Afternoon Tea cookbook to arrive.
We are planning a trip to Bali in June/July and are looking at our own cottage with a private swimming pool and a maid. (yes i know its not Penang ..sigh..)
Joe had his first work experience in the kitchens of the Burswood Hotel/casino he love,loved it. So he wants to be a chef. OK by me but apprenticeships there are hard to get.

OK that's about it i am off to make my Card Makers Tea Party Kit which this month is designed by Susan and they are way nice.
Hope you have a HAPPY Sunday.


Tammy James said...

Hi Linda,

10kgs already WTG!! Good on you :) That's great work.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Gorgeous card - thanks for the link I will have to check it out!
A trip to Bali sounds fun - something to look forward to and a great time to escape the cold here. Congrats on the weight loss. Glad Joe enjoyed his work experience - Burswood kitchens would be amazing.

Anonymous said...

Amiable post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you for your information.

suzitee said...

YAY on the weight loss...and so glad Joe is enjoying his time at the Burswood! What an amazing opportunity for him.
Good on you for making Tracey's first card...I am planning to, but as you know, Kraft cardstock is not my friend, so I will have to make some changes :)
Have fun making your pack xxx

Janellybelly said...

Such great news all round - especially losing 10kgs!!! The card design is beautiful too.

Tracey said...

Hey Linda,
Wahoooooooooooo, Yipeeeeee on the 10kgs. Well done girl friend and thanks heaps for the kind wrap about the Card Makers Jouney blog, I hope it inspires people with their card making. I love your card it looks fab.

Yuliana said...

OMG 10 kilos! Congratulations!
And wow Bali. It's really nice there. Just beware of shady massage parlors by the Kuta beach. Now I'm jealous :P