Monday, March 1, 2010

Lets get Digital, Digital...

Hello everyone, hope you are all well.

The other day i was browsing my favourite blogs and came across this post on Jennifer Mcguire's blog. It was all about digital products and how easy it was. After watching her video I went directly to Two Peas in a Bucket and purchased these wonderful butterfly digital stamps. Then all you do is insert them into a Word document, resize to whatever you wish and print. So so easy. Anyway the butterfly on the left is inked and the one on the right is coloured with my copics and of course the swirly background comes from my cricut. Here are some remaining butterfly's that i put on my paper so as not to waste it and these can be used at a later date. This kit was only US$4.00 so much cheaper than having to purchase a stamp and pay postage and the good thing is that there are about 4 other different butterfly's an overlay and various other stuff on this mini digi kit. Unlike stamps you can resize this to what ever you want and you download it straight away..have i convinced you yet?

So now that i have the digi bug among other bugs IE-the copic bug, the cricut bug,the gypsy bug,the cooking bug...I could go on forever but i digress so back to the digi bug, I happened to notice that Big Picture Scrapbooking were having a Hybrid Scrapbook course so i just couldn't help myself and enrolled. (hybrid is where some of the elements on a paper scrapbook page have been made/printed on the computer) This course is not about altering photos but about all of the digital embellishments out there and how to incorporate them on a page. Anyway here is my first LO after lesson one.

The Title and journalling strip where done on the computer with Word and we were given a free tag and that's the one in the bottom left with the red writing on. Like the stamps above you just insert it into a word document,resize and recolour if you wish then print and cut out. Would you know that this isn't an embellishment purchased at a shop but one printed at home? I don't think you can tell and the best bit to these are that you can use them whenever you want over and over again.

Ha.... just taking a breather.

Now during the week I was playing around with my cricut and the Easter Cartridge in particular and made this oh so cute Easter basket. (sorry the photo is not very good). I think that i will make another one and give to my work girls at Easter, but instead of chocolates i thought that i would crochet them a washcloth and add a homemade soap (no I wont be making soap) and OK if you insist i might add 1 choccie.

OK have you had enough yet?

I have been playing hooky (crocheting) at nights during the week but i forgot to take a photo of my WIP, it's going to be one big red and white granny blanket, I am just doing a square and will keep going until i feel it's big enough.

Ok I am done

Thanks for staying with me if you made it this far.

Have a good night.



Jenni said...

You've been busy...did you come up for air??

suzitee said...

OH. MY. GOODNESS. You have crossed over to the dark proud of you! I have never been game, but admire anyone who can do it! So...what do you do with the digi page now? Print? Save? I have far too many supplies to ever go digital, I think.
Love your Easter basket, and a great idea to put in a washcloth...much fewer calories!
Catch up with you soon?

Tammy James said...

The basket is so sweet and I love what you have done with those butterflies Linda.

Katherine Thomas said...

I didn't even finish reading your post... I have to hop over to Two Peas In A Bucket and see what kind of stamps they have! Be right back!

Janellybelly said...

Love the post title - LOL!
The lunch with Nanna LO looks beautiful, I love the way the black white and red sets off the photos.
Keep hooking :)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

A red and white granny blanket sounds lovely (I have a real red and white thing going on at the moment!). I so love your easter Basket - it is all those little touches that make a gift more special. Your butterfly cards are also very creative - what a busy long weekend you have had.

Tracey said...

Where are you, haven't heard from you hope everything is ok.
love me :-)