Sunday, February 7, 2010

Little Valentines

Here are some cute treats that I made to go in my mailbox (earlier post) to give to the two ladies at work. The topper was cut with the cricut and Kraft card stock, then stamped, add a little ribbon and some flowers..finished. Easy.
Andrew went to the chocolate shop and got these cute hearts, there is two left but they wont be passing these lips.
Enjoy your week ahead


suzitee said...

good girl...stay strong :)
Cute little toppers, and those chocolate hearts look sweet!

Janellybelly said...

Are they Pink Lady chocolate hearts? They are my favourite :) The gift presentation looks gorgeous.

Tammy James said...

Nice work Linda.

My Creative Time said...

These little treats are ADORABLE! I love them!
Thanks for visiting my blog, to answer your question about the tootsie rolls, they are just choclate that look like a little roll the size of maybe your pinkie finger! They are YUMMY!

Katherine Thomas said...

How cute! And how nice of you to honor your coworkers with a valentine treat!