Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oh No, Who Can This Be?


Did you take a guess

Does the dimple give me away?

Another photo that mum found in dads office. According to mum i had my lips closed as i had lost my two front teeth. I can remember parts of this day, i was only 7 so it was a little while ago. Here's my last nights crafting. Another pack from the very clever Tracey

I love, love love how these turned out.

The one on the right was meant to be a card holder, as i didn't need one i made it into a card, and the gift card/money holder i made with all of the scraps.

Now can everyone please go and have a look at this
I am very lucky to have seen this at Tomorrows Memories and i can tell you that it is amazing. Susan is so very clever and the eye to detail is amazing (sorry there is that word again)
Joe and I made Gnocchi for dinner tonight and i must say that it was -to quote my dad "absoooooooooooluuuutely beuuuuuuuuutiful".
Has anyone started their Christmas shopping yet?
The pool pump is not back yet, they had better hurry or the pool will be going green.
Joe went extremely well at cricket this morning.
and now to make you all jealous Caitlin has been wonderful and doing all of the ironing for me (except for Andrew's business shirts and Joe's school shirts) so i am very lucky.
My little experiment the other day (acrylic stamp) didn't turn out at all like i wanted it to so when i have nothing to post i will show you how dismal they turned out.
Okay off to make more cards or maybe i will work on this mystery Christmas crochet decoration - i will put up the link later.
Have a FAB week


suzitee said...

Aren't you lovely? And I'm not just talking about your very cute photo either :)
Your cards turned out great...I love doing kits, because sometimes it IS just about making something pretty with paper, not coming up with new stuff! Can you send Caitlin over please? My ironing pile is looking a tad high :)
Glad you had a good weekend xxx

Rumi said...

Love the way your cards turned out! Very nice. Cute photo of little you!

Tracey said...

I am so glad you liked the cards, they look fantastic and I liked that you turned the card holder into a card. Love how people can take something and then make it there own.
I am soooooooo excited about friday night. Can't wait to catch up.
love me :-)

Vicki said...

Cards look great as always Linda! The photo of you is very cute, especially the dimple....Ralph recognised you!! Enjoy your Friday night! Vicki

Tracey said...

Thanks for a very fun night last night. It was so great to catch up. Can't wait to do it again.
love me :-)

Janellybelly said...

Hi Linda
What a gorgeous photo, I can remember smiling like that to hide my lack of front teeth.
I love all your latest creations, and look forward to seeing the crochet decoration.