Thursday, November 12, 2009

Always behind

Can you believe it-I am miles behind in my 52Q's again.

Here are 6 that I did on Sunday night so that made me 5 behind but alas this weeks q has gone up so now i am another 6 behind again.
Oh well it will give me something to do.
This week i have to get my fruit soaking and plumping up with one of dads many bottles of whiskey (yuk i hate that stuff) for my fruit cakes (yuk i hate them as well) for Christmas. My mum LOVES fruit cake and so do the ladies at work. So as an extra little gift i make them one every year. I have actually made a few this year as i knew it was something that my mum would be eating and we also managed to get dad to have the teeniest pieces when he wasn't feeling well.
That's it for tonight, i am off to play with my gypsy/cricut and make some acrylic stamps, if they turn out i will show you later. Ha even if they don't turn out i will show you.


suzitee said...

I hate fruit cake too...but unlike you, I NEVER make them, and don't even buy them for anyone here to eat LOL...poor kids don't even know what they taste like. Have fun playing...send some of your motivation over to me, will you?

Tammy James said...

Ohhh Making acrylic stamps ? Sounds interesting ... Being six behind isn't too bad as it you hadn't done this 6 you would be 12 behind ;)

Rumi said...

What a great daughter you are to make fruitcake for your Mum. I actually like fruitcake but don't eat much of it due to it's extreme amount of calories--oh my!

Have fun making your stamp!