Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beignet/Donut Anyone?

You know when you read a recipe or make a pattern or a LO and you have an image in your mind of what it should look like or taste like and then in reality it turns out completely different, which could be a good thing or a bad thing.
This is my experience with the following two photos.
These Beignets where in my Artisan Cookbook. As with all the recipes in this book they were really easy to make. The recipe said to cut the dough into pieces-no i thought! I would like mine in balls-BAD mistake. See the ones in the back they look yummy but there is runny dough in the middle, so i then flattened all of my balls and they puffed up like the ones in the front. Now these were perfet and cooked all of the way through. I used the Brioche dough and maybe because i was expecting them to turn out like donut king donuts, they didn't quite taste the same, nice, but not what imagined. This is an expensive dough to make luckily you can freeze the remaining dough which i will be doing,. Following yesterdays post here is my big plea for HELP. This cover looks like something a fourth grader has done. I am having trouble in the middle and have already removed stuff hence if you look closely you can see the torn paper that i have tried to cover up with the frame-which doesn't go. Should i start all over again? What should i do?
We have had a beautiful day here in Perth today. Joe went to the Royal Show with his friends, Andrew spent the day in the garden and i was a Taxi . We gave the BBQ a big scrub and clean and its ready for tonight's dinner. Andrew is out there now cooking our first Barbie for the season-yum-so i will go and W A T C H. hee hee
Its a long weekend here so another sleep in tomorrow
Hope you are all well


suzitee said...

Hope Joe enjoyed the was a perfect day for it. I've even been in the pool :)
Now, for your cry for help....I really don't know! The paper is too expensive to ditch altogether, but if it's torn it's going to look a bit busy if you try to cover it up. I'll be honest and say I'm not liking the chandelier much either. Oh dear, I'm not much help!
Enjoy the first official day of holidays :)

Tammy James said...

My technique of choice for covering errors and ripped bits ... yep I'm a taker offer too ... is a cluster of circles and some flowers. Could be a bit much though with this PP. could you cut some flowers from the PP - if you have any left and use them?

Good to hear you had some success with the donuts! I'm seeing Brioche in my future. ; )

Denny said...

I have cooked a few things like that too.Still,it looks and sounds yummy...;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mum they were nice but i didnt like the gooey middle in some of them

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

I first had beignets in New Orleans - delicious! I wouldn't have thought to make my own - have to add that the list!

Enjoy the holidays!