Sunday, September 13, 2009

Outback Australia

Hi just thought that I would share some photos from Joe's trek.
This is how they spent the nights. You gotta love that red dirt. For those of you who have never been to the outback this is what it is like, mile and miles of red dirt and little bushes.
And what is typical of the outback at night-beautiful sunsets.

Here is my latest attempt from my Artisan bread in 5mins book, a yummy spinach and feta loaf. It is delicious.

I wont start my countdown again but just to let you know we have two weeks of school left until term break. That's 10,ten,deci (don't know any other languages) days of work left.
Caitlin has a total of four weeks of high school left, it seems like yesterday she was starting kindergarten.
That's me done, have a good week everyone.


Tammy James said...

Glad you enjoyed your read Linda! : )

suzitee said...

Woohoo...bring on the holidays! Feel free to start your countdown again :) although it must feel very weird for Caitlin to only have 4 weeks left!
Your bread looks delicious! Is this a book I need to buy?
Thanks for sharing Joe's photos...what an amazing experience for him. Catch up with you soon xxx

Tracey said...

Love those photo's of the outback. makes me want to pack my bags and go. That bread looked pretty good as well.
Please note: I baked today LOL.

Rumi said...

Great outback pictures. My daughter spent 3 weeks in Australia when she was a teen. I remember trying to wash that red dirt out of her clothes!

I've seen that bread book and thought about buying it. I guess you would recommend it huh?

Katie said...

I love the outback, but it's easy to forget its true beauty when you've lived in the cities for so long. Makes me want to go camping again!