Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Lucky me, I had a day of yesterday and after i had finished all of the boring household chores the day was filled with craft.
I finished the stitching on my coffee table quilt and then got it ready for quilting. Hand quilting my FAVOURITE. I just love it and i love how the quilting makes the applique pop out. Anyway this might look a bit plain now but i also have about 60 yoyo's to sew on which will be part of my quilting. Can you believe that this has taken me nearly two years, just to do that. "Shameful". As i was in a finishing of mode i finally finished these "Collections Art Boxes" that was a kit that i purchased from TM's.
Designed by Maxine Hazebroek & Audrey Underwood. Now i just have to find somewhere to put it..hmmm
That's it from me, I am off to do some quilting and i think that we just might have take away tonight.
Have a good night everyone
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Tammy James said...

Both gorgeous Linda! Looking forward to seeing your quilt progress.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Just lovely Linda! Love the coffee theme - a night of hand quilting sounds just about perfect to me!

suzitee said...

Half your luck Linda! Although I wouldn't swap you the hand is SOOOO not my thing! Love the way your quilt is looking, and can't wait to see the finished article. Your art boxes look great too...yay for you! How are those hanging loops coming along? LOL LOL LOL!

Rumi said...

What a great coffee quilt! Can't wait to see it with all the yo yos and hand quilting!

Tracey said...

I am in envy. I would just love to be able to make a quilt but I just know that would be taking on way too much. I'll just keep admiring yours, love them.
Hope you are doing okay, sorry haven't been in touch, been just way too busy.
Love me :-)