Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Week 5

Hello there
alas school holidays had to end sometime, it was back to work for me on Monday and i knew that i would be so so tired when i got home, so instead of sitting/lying done and reading which inevitably ends up with me having a nana nap i thought i would get stuck into my Project Life.

I am really glad i changed to a one page spread as week 5 i would have found it impossible to fill a two page spread and there are only so many filler cards you can use.

 This week i used cut shapes from Studio Calico and some papers from Simple Stories (Snap range). I did use wash again, not with my eyes closed this time and made an effort to use my stamps. There are no 3d touchy feely things this week.

The top right is all about Joe's latest eBay purchase, i haven't done much journaling on it as i will use this photo on a 12x12 LO as well.
The bottom photos are all about another visit to Nobu for lunch and this time instead of Joe being in the kitchen he was eating with us. I was actually surprised that he wanted to come as, who generally wants to go to their work place on their day off?
 Where ever you are in the world i strongly, supremely, earnestly, hugely, recommend you to go and find a Nobu restaurant and give it a try. Yes its Japanese-well kind off and yes there is some raw fish/sashimi but there is oh so much more. Try the Bento box that way you will get a little taste of everything....have i convinced you yet?

It really was a quiet but nice week and now its documented. How is your week 5 coming along?

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suzitee said...

Just finished and posted on my blog ;)
Your Week 5 is awesome! Love Snap Life so very much. If I went to Nobu, it would be a meal for 5, and I can't imagine my kids sitting up to Japanese, let alone what the bill would be! Hahaha...maybe one day :)

dawn said...

Your page is so nice, filled with happy stories. I love the ebay purchase, so funny. Hooray for eating out again and hubby coming too. I will let you enjoy Nobu for me, not up to raw food/fish.

The title card is fun, like the die cuts on it.

What is that first little pocket with heart about? Can't see it very well.

Way to go on working with PL instead of taking a nap.

I hope to post mine tomorrow or next day.Have a little more to do but LOOOOOVE IT!!