Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Project Life Week 8

Hi there
i am still managing to keep up to date with my weekly Project Life and here is our week 8

Apart from the title piece of paper everything else uses the Studio Calico Project Life kit, which if you follow my Instagram you will know that i absolutely love it, love it i tell ya even down to the cute box that it came in.
Yes Joe got another burn, not his worst by far but it was pretty good and seeing i didn't get any flowers for Valentines day (: i think Caitlin took pity on me and bought some Sunflowers. The pretty turquoise glitter tape did not come in the kit either, boy i love that stuff may have to invest in every colour.

Andrew spent all Sunday afternoon preparing dinner, it was really nice and as a added bonus there was heaps left over for Monday night so that was two nights i did not have to cook. OK i found something else not in the kit, it's that gorgeous striped colourful washi, it had just arrived so i had to use it.

Am not too sure on this pocket its done now and away but would be my least favourite from a scrapbooking point of view. I love the photos of Caitlin and Bec at the beach having some fun before their very last semester of Uni begins.

I had to document the arrival of said kit and Andrew had his works yearly day at the races and he's a good boy and brings me back a heap of paraphernalia.

 and lastly, my God Daughter was invited to her very first school ball so i had to document that.

I have found the perfect place with the best light to photograph my PL, if you haven't guessed it's in the kids bathroom, as one of the walls is made of glass brick the light is just perfect.

Now i am off to check the B.O.M site (Bureau of meteorology) as there is a huge cyclone about to hit my old town of Port Hedland and if you have read one of my last posts you will know that cyclones fascinate me and I'm a bit of a guru on cyclones and hurricanes. I just hope everyone is OK as this looks like a pretty damaging one.

Night all. 


suzitee said...

Woohoo for keeping up to date, and thanks for all the individual photos... love looking at them all in detail :)

dawn said...

Love this Linda!! What a fun kit to play with, nice to see it got a pocket here too about it. Love everything you used and did. Nice collage!!
Mine is almost done and will post it. Have a great day!

dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

i love this profect that everyone seems to be doing -me i think i am too lazy.i am your newest follower and think your blog is great-love dee x

dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

hi love your blog i am your newest follower.Love this project life but i am too lazy to do-love dee x

Scarlett said...

Another terrific spread!!! I had to soak it all in so I can geared up for my weekend of starting my book!! I'm going small - 6x8 is what I think the album I'm using is. I'm so hooked on tiny and I think for my fist go at this it seems less scary - if I need more room - great! If not then I won't feel like a failure, LOL! Thank you again for being my PL inspiration. You truly have made it seem possible out of all the peeps out there I've seen. I think I'll have to find a way to include some back pictures especially since my son did attend a dance as well in Feb. - that is too special not to include, so perhaps a pocket or something will be in order. But yes by golly I'm really doing this so I'd better get off this computer and get cracking. :) Scarlett