Saturday, March 2, 2013


Happy Saturday everyone
We have just been out to lunch and i am FULL to bursting, so there is nothing better to do than take a few photos and sit here at my Mac and let all of this food digest.

A couple of weeks ago on Instagram i posted a picture of a lacy circle background that i had cut out with my Silhouette and with inspiration from Lory (when i saw her Layout i just had to give it a go)
this is what i came up with.

unlike anything else i have ever made, it uses scraps from the scrap bin. I tried to keep visual triangles of some things i.e.) the people and the cabochon flowers and the red paper, then it got all too hard so it was anything goes.
I didn't know what to put in some of the empty circles so i filled them with journaling.
On another note, i am starting a quest to organise my albums. At the moment they are different sizes,colours and makes. Although the colour doesn't worry me i thought it would be nice to have them all in uniform albums. So hello Studio Calico for the next eight months or so i will be ordering a binder, my first binder arrived yesterday so i grabbed a random old album and started switching the papers, holy moly i haven't looked at my very first pages for a couple of years. WHERE WHERE WHERE is the journaling and soooo many flowers, lol the fashion and my style has certainly changed over the years.


Joe recently ordered over $1000 in cook books,
1-can you actually imagine how many that is
2-where are they all going to go
3-half of them are not cookbooks you and i would use, trust me and i consider myself a good cook. When i opened one of the books and picked a random page i couldn't understand the first instruction and it was only for lemon cordial..Something about some machine that does something and something, luckily Joe knew exactly what is was about.
4-these are resource books for Joe, there was one huge book just in sauces and jus and a great book from David Chang about Momofuko, oh i so want to go and eat there.

This is only half that have arrived
See those books no 1 to 5 they came with the most amazing photography and some actual large photos just floating in the box, so i had to take a photo of the this photo as i think its AWESOME

how amazing is that mayo dripping of the bun? May have to nick borrow this from Joe for my work.
After looking in this set of books i think the photography is by Ryan Matthew Smith and Nathan Myhrvold, my apologies if it is not.

Phew so there we have it my some what long and random post, enjoy your weekend everyone, we have a public holiday here on Monday so i will be having a great weekend.


suzitee said...

Your circle layout is so clever Linda...LOVE it!
My oh my, that is a LOT of cookbooks! I bet they would be fun to look through :) Enjoy our long weekend...I've already had a nanna nap today, just because I could!

dawn said...

LOVE LOVE THIS LAYOUT!! I LOVE circles, they are so fun to work with and I love using them for anything!
I think the layout is awesome and fun and balanced!! So glad you did something fun and new!

How great to put your old pages into new binders, hope you can share a picture and REALLY WOULD love to see your first layouts. I know my pages were so different back then too, so funny to see them again.

WOW WOW WOW that is a lot of cookbooks and money. Hope you have some shelves somewhere for them. I know he will use them and that is good to add new things to cook. So lucky for you he enjoys cooking. Same with my Rich, it would be nice for them to cook us dinner together.
That floating hamburger looks AWESOEM, it's making me hungry.

Thanks for the random and fun post! Happy weekend to you!

Dawn Cosgrove said...

Loved this on Instagram..what an amazing layout!! Very inspiring! I see layouts like this and think about trying them but never do, so way to go!! Awesome!! of my favorite purchases lately! I spot Julia Childs cookbooks in the photo ;) my mother in law bought those for me last year for Christmas and I have yet to cook out of then..too intimidating!! But amazing..lucky you to get to taste all the amazing goodness that will come out of these ;)

Happy weekend!!

Scarlett said...

Oh this is a spectacular page!!! I really want a cutting machine...sigh...between what I see you doing with it for PL and now this...and what I see others do....yeah I want one. Not in the budget and I will be good and behave myself but someday I will have one LOL. Anyhoo, back to your page!!! I love that you abandoned trying to keep up with the visual triangles and such because I think its awesomely done in this eclectic manner. Oh I delight in all the bits and pieces, and that is why I must get PL under way. I've decided to start it out this month!!! YAY, its my birthday month and back logging seemed WAY overwhelming and daunting - its supposed to be fun right so I thought mine will just run the year of my birthday instead of kicking off at the New Year, ha! Love the photo of the burger as well, can't believe you have that many cookbooks coming to your house but from all the photos I've seen of your hubs cooking I'm sure he'll throw down some good food for you to eat!! I'm pretty impressed at his skills. ;) We all have our weaknesses when it comes to spending on a hobby I guess LOL. Alrighty well once again my friend I've blabbed and blabbed, sure seems like we should live closer as we'd probably have a grand ol' time together. :) Sending you big ol' hugs for a great weekend!! I'm hoping to post some PL pictures and tag you in them!!! Oh and by the way that mini album - the one you wanted to know about the flowers on the cover - is posted to my blog now if you care to take a peek. xoxo Scarlett

Kim- said...

Wow! This layout is unbelievable! I love it! I've been browsing your blog and became a new follower :) Lots of good stuff! lol Awesome creations!

Tammy said...

lol re the journaling and flowers on old pages that was me too! not that I am scrapping much at all these days.I'd love browsing through those books ( though like you most likely would not understand a good chunk of it! )

Tracey said...

Wow Linda, love this creative, a work of art!