Monday, July 9, 2012


Hi there
It's school Holidays here and that means I'm on holidays as well. Yippee.
On the weekend I caught up with Susan and Tracey for a little sewing play date.
Our project of choice was sewing machine covers and oh oh oh I love heart love mine.

The pattern is called "Beyond Measure" by Roslyn Mirrington. I have used Mama Said Sew by Sweetwater fabrics and calico.

Here's another angle with a wonky "h" which gives it some character, don't you think? Oh the girls where aghast that I didn't unpick it. I also added a name label that was leftover from one of my Labelcrew projects.

Here it is in all it's glory backlit with morning sunshine. Oh how I love it and can't stop looking at it.

As per usual the three covers turned out so different, not surprising really as Susan went for her favourite love of bright colours and although Tracey and I used the same fabrics Tracey is making ties instead of side panels.
I love these get togethers so much fun, teasing and laughter and yes sewing. Thanks ladies.

My to do list is very long these holidays, if I get thru half of the list I'll be happy.

One of those things is more posts so hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with another post.

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dawn said...

How cute your cover is, love the colors. Your H is adorable and fun, glad you left it that way. Cute flower dot over the i.

How fun you 3 are when together, so wish to live closer and hang out at these creative dates with all of you. ENJOY THEM!!

Good luck on your list to do but make sure to enjoy the break also.

suzitee said...

How gorgeous did this project turn out! Well done love love it, even with the wonky H LOL...hey, at least you spelt it right ;)

Tracey said...

Love it wonky H and all. Thanks for such a wonderful night, always love it when we get together.