Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cakewalk, Project Life and LO's

Yay I'm excited, Cakewalk by October Afternoon has finally been released and made its way to Australia and I have some in my hot little hands. I first saw it at one of the CHA sneaks and have been waiting for its release since then.

I used it straight away in my week 24 Project Life which is all about Joe and as I had so many photos there's a few LO's as well.

See that cake bottom left, it's a hard life when you have to taste creations like this that your son makes at TAFE.
I used one of my new flair buttons that I purchased from Leena they are wonderful I really don't want to use them, just looking at them is fun. I recommend you check them out.

Here I have used a different sized page protector, each pocket is 6x6.
I even created a text box in word and typed my journaling.

Oops I forgot to delete the text box.

I like these 6x6 I can treat them as a mini LO
Here's another one

Now on to the big LO's which I will also put in my PL album.

The funny thing with this LO is I stamped and adhered most of the hexagons in one go then I went and cooked dinner when I came back to the LO I thought it needed more so I stamped some more hmmm "which colour ink did I use" I have three that are all a bit terracotta oops I used the wrong one, hence the top hexagons are a bit darker than the others.

Gosh I feel short in this photo and trust me I am not, 6 foot in bare feet, that just shows you how tall the guys in my family are.

Phew that was a long post
You have made it to the end
Thanks for stopping by.


suzitee said... DO look a bit on the short side, which is quite ridiculous! What a great round-up of Joe's birthday, and I love all your Cakewalk goodies (yes, I have some on the way...couldn't resist in the end). You have done SO well to keep up with PL...and the results are awesome!

Tracey said...

I had my eye on this collection too, still trying to justify buying when I have lots of other papers. Great layout......your family is really tall! enjoy your weekend:)

Stephanie said...

Long but delightful Linda & OMG what a tall family - I'm envious, at 5ft 2 I could do with a few more inches lol xxx

Tiff said...

Lovely pictures and fantastic layouts! You are creating the most wonderful keepsakes! X

Naddy said...

Beautiful pages Linda :)