Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week One

Hello hello hello

I have joined the thousands of others and am doing Project Life (link in sidebar) for the first time this year. For those of you that haven't heard about it, its all about documenting the everyday, you don't have to take a picture a day or anything like that, but its remembering the little things. IE when Caitlin was little she used to say ambulance wrong, Joe used to say hospital wrong and for the life of us we cant remember how they used to pronounce them. If i was doing PL back then i would have documented all this so that i wouldn't have forgotten, because we do forget.

Here's my first page
sorry chopped of the photo.
Now it all sounds easy and it is easy but when i went to do this very first page i sat at my desk shuffling things around and got completely overwhelmed after about half an hour i gave up, took my IPad to bed and studied this lady"s blog. I love her PL and although i cant/wont copy her style i love that she has made each page a bit scrapbooky which is want i want to do. So the next morning i got up and of i went, easy peasy, i had so much fun. I used stamps that have never been out of their packets and letter stickers that i seem to have thousands of. Oh yes i do likey PL
here's my next page

oh and if you are wondering about the top left photo, Joe was on YouTube and saw Smores. Well we don't have Smores over here and definitely not the right crackers but he made his own version. I have to say that i could not bring myself to try them. So all in all i had fun fun fun doing my first week and am going to start documenting last week today, some weeks i know i wont have enough photos for a two page spread but that's OK you can do it any which way.

Wow you have made it to the end
Thank you


suzitee said...

IT LOOKS FABULOUS! Oh well done Linda, you have done a wonderful job. Loving the Clementine kit, and how you've made it scrappy...perfect! Onto Week 2...

Jenni said...

I reckon they went to the 'hostible' in the 'ambliance' :)

Tracey said...

You go girl, its fabulous. And I am so happy that we get to do this together.
love me :-)

Tracey said...

Hey Linda....wow I love this idea, your pages look great. I have heard of it ....seeing your layouts I think I might have to hop on board. You do forget those small things that mean so much:)