Sunday, January 15, 2012


Oh yes i am way behind on my blogging, yet again.
Last Monday the Three Of Us caught up for our Labelcrew project.
We made these gorgeous journal covers.
Susan's on the left, mine in the middle and Tracey's on the right. Same pattern but all so different.
We also celebrated a very early birthday for Tracey. Her birthday is early February but we didn't know if we would be catching up before then. As Tracey's "One Little Word" for this year is baking we thought that her gift should help her along with her one little word. So along with some cake pans and cooling racks we made her these
some pot holders

and a tea towel (another Sweetwater project)

Love the tea towel, its not one i would use, i would have it purely for decoration and all my friends KNOW not to use my hanging tea towels.

I have my photos all ready for tomorrows post (didn't want to overload you today), all i have to do is to remember to post it.

Enjoy your week


Katherine Thomas said...

Those are so pretty I would never use them, just hang them on a fancy rack for decoration! I love that newsprint fabric. Don;t feel bad, we are all behind on our blogging. It's that time of year!

suzitee said...

And isn't she going berserk on the baking? LOL! I think I need to make myself one of those banner teatowels, they are so so cute!

Tiff said...

What fantastic journal covers! Love your work! That bunting tea towel is gorgeous, I wouldn't let anyone use it either! X

Tracey said...

Thank you for such a wonderful day and my wonderful pressies. I love them all and using them by the way, okay not the tea towel cause I don't want it to get dirty LOL.
love me :-)