Monday, January 16, 2012

Etsy shopping

Well hello and happy Monday to you.
On Christmas eve i was browsing my favourite blogs and i ventured into Michelle Woodersons Etsy shop. I love her style, all mixy matchy and layers, so i treated myself to two of her notebook kits. (and yes i do not take notes but these are very cute and i will use them at work)
Here's the first one
and the second one

both were easy to assemble and they would make great gifts.

My PTI order for December finally arrived on Friday (they have just had their Jan release and i have only just got my Dec order, no ones fault that's what happens when we live half a world away). So even though they are now old they are still new to me, so here's a card i made playing around with their heart border die

and yes i did order more today, cant help myself its an addiction.

Tomorrow i will have my PL to show you, the first week anyway, i cant guarantee that i will have finished last weeks pages before tomorrow.

..and just a little note-the etsy order from Kansas only took ten days to get here yet my pti takes four weeks.hmm i wonder why that is?


suzitee said...

You are an online shopping addict, I think....but it's SOOOOOO fun to receive yummy parcels in the mail :) Love your notebooks, and the border punch looks very cute too!

Tiff said...

Those notebooks look amazing! What great kits, love that card too! Have a great week, I am back at school, the kids come back in a week! Such a shock to the system... I have so many more projects in my head... just no time to do them! X

~Olga said...

Cute cards Linda, love the border heart punch! Thanks for stopping by and wishing me a happy birthday, very kind of you. X Olga