Sunday, July 31, 2011

Can you remember

way back to last year when i was very lucky to be given some fabric by Susan to make a table runner that she had made and i had fallen in love with? Well i cant remember when it was either but alas it was ages. I have had the top finished for months and it was just waiting to be quilted so yippee here it is all finished.
and a close up coz the quilting really did take me ages and ages

and i went for yellow binding for a few reasons
-Susan's is in yellow and i love it
-Cadel Evans was wearing the yellow jersey in the Tour DE France when i was deciding on colours
-all my binding choices seem to be red red red
so yellow it was.

Now you may also remember from only a few posts ago i made a beautiful little "Table Topper" that was oh so easy to make so i have decided to make one each for my fellow work colleagues for Christmas, this one is made from Fig Trees-Butterscotch & Rose fabric mm mm i love this and will have to make a table topper for me as well. So here is 1 top made it needs to be sandwiched and quilted and binded/bound then only three left hmm have i bitten of more than i can chew? I wonder.

and here's another shot of my table runner just in case you have forgotten it already.

I am just waiting on getting a new buffet to put it on along with my new antiquey jars and my real very real and very old antique lemon juicer and i can promise you that you have never seen one of these before and it's most definitely antique, from the 17th century i believe-thank you to my in laws who were huge antique collectors-i got this one b/c my MIL hates to clean it. Anyway when i get my buffet i will show you..
Have a happy, fun,joyous week

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mmmm waffles

Mmm what could be better after a late night out dancing night clubbing than yummy fresh waffles made by mum for breakfast.
Yep i am the mum in this case (no one made them for me) I made them for Caitlin and some of her friends last Sunday morning after one of their late night outings. I like to make sure that before they leave the house they have a nice hearty breakfast or in this case brunch as it was nearly 11am. Oh the joys of having teenagers.

Here is another card i made after watching the Papertray Ink "make it Monday" videos. I love how this turned out and i think i will be basing my Christmas cards along this line.

The only edger type die i had was the giant Ric rac, it all just seems to give the card some texture. Very impressed with the way it turned out.
and because i use my scraps you know what is coming next

yes you guessed it, a little tag.

and YAY Cadel for winning the Tour de France, i stayed up late every night to watch the whole tour. Apart from the cycling its great to sneak a look at country side France all of the villas and chateaus. We watch it every year.

thanks for dropping by

Friday, July 22, 2011

More Lucky Me

Hi there just popping in to say
"not only does he cook
he cleans up after himself as well."

Yes lucky me.
Joe made donuts on his last day off  and they were delicious. 
Have a good weekend everyone

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm Lucky

I'm one very lucky girl and here's a few reasons why
lucky to have a husband that doesn't mind me spending a ton of money on craft
lucky to have the money in the first place
lucky to have a husband that is interested in whatever crafts i do
lucky to have great crafty friends
lucky to have great children
and lucky to have a daughter that loves having her photo taken (in fact she takes more photos than me) and she happens to be very photogenic (not a trait she got from me)
and this is what i am talking about
This layout uses bits and pieces from a few of my Cocoa Daisy kits. In the last kit we got some 5" fabric charm squares and i used one under the rosebud ribbon. Apart from sewing the fabric the rest of this LO was just simple glue and stick, when you get a great photo like that you don't have to do much. No journalling on this one but that's OK.

My lucky list could go on and on but that's enough for today.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Making Pasta

I think that i am one of the few people out there that loves this wet rainy cold weather. I love nothing more than being inside nice and snuggly warm looking at and hearing the rain outside, and that is what i am doing right now. Although the floors are taking ages to dry with this cold weather.
Anyway the cleaning is done, i am home alone and browsing on the PC so i thought that i would share with you the layout that i made last night.
Pretty simple and straight forward. I had this wonderful photo of the finished pasta so i made my title out of it. Then i thought it needed some colour and i wanted red, alas no red paint so i got out my paintbrush and rubbed it on my stamp pad.
Definitely not an award winning LO but its not meant to be. Its for Joe's album and i tried to write my journalling as if i was talking to him.

Anyway that's me done today
have fun and enjoy whatever you are doing, me- i am going to make myself a George (yes i still love him oh so much and he gets used daily) and go and see what you guys have been up to.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Quilting,cards & LO's

oops that should be a LO as i have only done one.
Hello all and happy Sunday, its a wee bit cccold over here in my part of the world, whats it like in your part?

I have finally caught up with my Caravan quilt and completed June's blocks, now i can start on July's and seeing as its school holidays over here which means i am on holidays maybe i can get ahead.
Anyway here they are
yes this one was very simple, the top animal is apparently meant to be a bird-i cant see it- looks more like a sheep to me with funny ears.
here's the next one

Picking Blackberries i believe it was called.
here's a close up of my french knots
and here is a really bad photo of a LO i completed last night, sorry its a bit blurry and on a funny angle

I used a template/sketch from my Big Picture class-what a great class, and i got to incorporate some of my Ali Edwards stamps. The pink holey edge paper was cut with the cricut.

and because i like to  use the left over scraps, a card, inspired by Christina (link in sidebar)

This uses Papertrey Ink's dies and stamps.

Well thats it for my crafty Sunday, everyone is out at the moment so i have the house to myself.
ummmmmmmm what shall i do?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I've Been Busy

Hi all, thanks for dropping by.
I have a lot of cards to show you-so no chit chat from me or else you will never make it to the end
here we go
this card was made from the left over digital papers on my mini album.
oops here's some chit chat-i have not cropped any of the photos as i wanted you all to see the beautiful lace doily that one of the volunteers crocheted for me for my birthday, isn't it just divine atop of my flower frog. (love that name flower frog-doesn't resemble either a flower or a frog!)
sorry sorry i feel this is going to be a long post, i just cant help myself and yes i talk as much as i write, often jumping from topic to topic in mid topic, you just have to keep up or get lost.
oops sorry

Oh yum yum i love this, it is a straight lift from Nichole Heady (one of the owners of Papertrey Ink) and uses one of her newest stamp sets
and because i loved it so much i did it in another colour

over at Papertrey Ink they have a video every Monday titled appropriately Make It Mondays where you can learn new techniques and this was one of them

another card with my left over digital papers, the butterflies are all sparkly but it didn't come out in the photo. Are you still admiring my doily?

and this card i made for Caitlin's birthday, it uses yet another technique that i learnt from the make it Monday videos-the tissue paper technique. The stamps are actually from Technique Tuesday my new medallion stamps from PTI hadn't arrived when i made this (although they have now)
OK we are nearly there

and yes you have seen one like this in a previous post but this is a different colour
and yes here is the matching tag made with the scraps and some oh so yummy crinkle ribbon OK that's the posh name for it, it really is plain old seam binding.

so did you make it to the end
thanks for hanging in there
i am going to do a spot of craft and then go watch either NCIS LA or the Tour DE France. Does any one else love watching the tour. I love to see the countryside and the houses and dream of when Andrew and i will finally get there.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Mothers Day

Yes yes i know that it was a while ago and a great day i had as well. I have just finished making another mini album using photos from mothers day.
This mini is for my cousin who hails from the UK but is on a working holiday with her family in New South Wales (eastern Australia). Nicky and her family came over for a two week holiday and we were lucky to have them for Mothers Day. My 13yo niece took some amazing photos with my SLR camera (and not on auto either)

This mini album was another hybrid online class at Jessica Sprague, so all of the papers were printed from the PC,

Love love love the ruffle, here's the close up

and here are a few other pages.

Aren't the littlies so cute? Now if Nicky is my cousin that makes her children my second cousin, is that right?

Now that i have finally completed this i can go and do some LO's.

To all of my wonderful American friends Happy 4th of July and enjoy your long weekend.
To everyone else, i hope you all have a wonderful weekend.