Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Wishes

Hi there
i am just letting you know that i wont be posting, crafting or even looking at your blogs for the next two weeks at least. I am having serious problems with my eyes and i have to wait for two new pairs of glasses which over the Easter break may take a while. Who would have thought that changing eyesight can lead to severe dizziness, fainting, vomiting, and extreme tiredness, not I, but boy i can not wait for my new glasses. I just feel so sick and how sad is it that crafting makes me sick-all that eye strain and i am on holidays and you all know what i like to do when i am on holidays. CRAFT CRAFT CRAFT so alas non for me :( and i cant even check to see what you all are doing on the PC as that makes me dizzy-although i do plan to a little bit and just suffer the consequences.

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So i wish you all a happy Easter with way to much chocolate and a lot of happy family time, stay safe.

and don't worry as soon as i get my new specs i will be baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Waste not want not

Is that how the saying goes?
Anyway here is a little file that i made from an envelope i received in the mail last week. I used my last piece of canvas from my Cocoa Daisy kit and other bits and pieces.
Next up i was experimenting making flowers with the cricut and these were too pretty to waste so using my new Paper Tray Ink background stamp i made this card.

Now my next card i don't like at all it didn't come out at all how i imagined but instead of throwing it away i thought that Caitlin might use it sometime. The back flower was meant to be made out of felt but as i didn't have any white/cream i cut it out of cotton wadding, there is also a Paper Tray doily die on here (i do love that)

i don't know maybe its just the colours.mmmmmmmmm still don't like it.

Now the three of us met last Friday night and shock horror i have nothing to show you, instead of working on our current label-crew item we sat and hand stitched the next block in our caravan quilt and as its not quite finished i cant show you just yet. (thanks Susan for a lovely night and Tracey i am so sorry that our drive home was extra long-guess who was talking to much and missed the exit ramp???not me-never)

Only two more days of work left until the Easter hols-yippee-and i am now going to turn around and make a couple of Easter cards, i have had an idea looming in  my head so lets just see if i can put it together to be something special. (oh and by turning around i mean that my craft desk is behind me so i will just swing around and begin)

enjoy your week everyone and thanks for stopping by

Monday, April 4, 2011

Some scrapbooking

Hi there
happy Monday (does anyone suffer from Mondayitis? My husband does real bad he hates Mondays) alas i digress as usual
i have finally done some scrapbooking and enjoyed it very much
the first lay out was from my hybrid class that i forgot to post.
my dad always used to call Joe "Joebee" and it has now stuck in the extended family although none of us at home call him that only his cousins and uncle
and boy look how cute and little he was here it seems like only yesterday
the other two lay outs have been used with my February Cocoa Daisy kit
i have just realised that this next one doesn't have a title on it, do you think it needs one?

the bird cage tag up the top is made out of canvas, i thought that they would look really good on some cards but then i would have to give them away so i put one on this LO instead. The journalling is hidden in that cute little envelope. The die for the envelope came today in my big pile of happy mail, it is from Papertray Ink.

The next photos sat on my desk for about two weeks waiting for inspiration and then when inspiration came it only took me about 20mins to start and finish the LO.
Not much journalling on any of these LO's but you get that sometimes.
I have been eagerly reading my emails every half an hour as i have signed up for Kelly Purkeys Sketchbook 3 to hopefully give me some more inspiration, alas its not here yet, i will have to go check again.

thanks for dropping in
enjoy the week


Friday, April 1, 2011

Easter Pails

It seems like ages ago but it was only last Friday that 'the three of us' caught up for our monthly Sweetwater sewing night.
This is what we made with our label kit
Some oh so cute Easter pails/buckets

this is a close up of some of the labels we received
and here is a close up of one all on its own.

again all three of us went for different colours and i must say that unusually for me mine was the brightest could be the fact that the only canvas i could get was bright pink or red and red doesn't go real well the sunkissed fabric line.
Here's the link for Susan's blog and
Here's the link for Traceys blog
The link to Sweetwater if you want to have a look at their blog and wonderful fabrics/labels is in my blog list.
PS the buckets are bigger than i thought, i bought 35 eggs thinking that i would fill all three, and i can stuff all 35 into the 1 pail, that's probably why the one pictured in the photo looks a little wonky. Might need to find a big bunny to go in there and just a few eggs.
Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your weekend.