Friday, May 27, 2011

In The Nick of Time

With the wait for my new glasses and the renovations to the house i was behind with my quilting project that "The three of Us" (Susan & Tracey) are working on.
Susan worked us out a time table (or else we would never finish the quilt) and this block had to be completed by the end of May, and may i say, this was my least favourite of the blocks so far. So many small bits to applique on. Although i must say that i am very happy with the end result.
So there it is, The Festive Table complete with turkey and potato's (i think).

Here's a close up

and here's a shot of all three completed blocks so far. (i apologise for the photo-methinks i cropped it just a wee bit too much but you will get the gist of it.

The next two weeks at work are going to be very quiet so hopefully fingers crossed on Sunday i will have time to cut out Junes blocks so that i can take them to work to hand stitch. Well that's the plan any way.

Do any of you out there have a favourite gluten free recipe you could share, my friend is on a strict gluten free diet and i would like to make something yummy for her.

It's Friday night and we are in (how unusual-not) but i feel the need, feel the need for.....not speed but paper crafting so hopefully tomorrow i will have something else to show you.

Love and hugs


Tracey said...

I am with you, I didn't particularly like doing this block either, but how cute is yours. I have finished all of it but the turkey leg and one star on the table christmas tree.
Mays first block is soooooo much easier.
Love me :-)

suzitee said...

..eek...haven't really done a whole lot of stitching yet...oh dear. Yours looks awesome.

Jenni said...

WOW Linda, that is really nice!

PinkBlingCrafter said...

Hi Linda, sorry I've been MIA from visiting:) Love the Festive table! WOW! beautiful and makig fresh pasta sounds fun!! I'm sure once it was all prepared it was YUMMY:)Have a fantastic weekend!!

TammyJ said...

Hi Linda the Block looks awesome!! its going to be a fantastic creation. :) I've been playing with Paper too have some photos to take today for DT stuff and then might have a just for me play :)

Tori said...

WOW that looks GREAT! love the image! Really nice, wish i could do something like that!

Tori xoxo

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Looks amazing Linda! Love the fabrics you are using.

Tiff said...

That looks fantastic!!! Your hard work is really paying off! X

Tracey said...

Wow Linda, it looks fabulous! So much work but well worth the effort. Love it!