Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cooking class

This must be my favourite way to spend some time. Joe had the day off and i had just came home from work and after much discussion on what to cook for tea we decided on pasta. So what do you do when you are tired and have been on your feet all day, make pasta with your son and it was so much fun.

We had a ball and all of my tiredness disappeared. Here is our end product.
and we didn't stop there. Joe frequently makes risotto at work and as i have only made it once he gave me a lesson. So here is our mushroom risotto,
I love the fact that i am now getting cooking tips from my nearly 17yo son.
and i just have to share with you a card i made for my MIL, she was 85 yesterday.

don't you love my new, very old flower frog, i searched eBay for one of these as i have never seen any like this in WA.
craft room is nearly back up and running
both bathrooms have been finished, carpet has been laid, house has been painted, we are just waiting on our window dressings then yippee its all done, a new house.
enjoy your Sunday


suzitee said...

And I bet it smells so lovely and fresh too! Can't wait to see it all exciting! How cool that Joe is teaching you some new skills...must make you so proud :)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

How wonderful to have your home nearly finished - I bet you are enjoying being able to put everything back in its place.

Nothing beats homemade pasta - how wonderful to be able to have your own private masterclass:)

Jenni said...

The pasta and rissoto look delicious!

Can't wait to see your finished house!

TammyJ said...

Happy to hear the renos are almost complete Linda! Your food looks yummy and it nice to hear that your son is giving you the tips! I love that card so fresh and pretty, I have another sizeable PTI order sitting in my cart ATM. :)

Tiff said...

Hi Linda, what a fantastic activity to do with your son! My children LOVE making pasta too, though it is not very often, it is so much fun! Steve makes it with them and there are squeals of delight and laughter. My daughter, at 11 years, is a confident little cook, and I am so pleased. We love our food, and they always have too, and will eat everything. I think it give children confidence when they know they can make meal themselves from scratch. LOVE your little flower frog, I have a few from different places and they can be hard to find. It is the perfect way to display your gorgeous cards! x

Tracey said...

I love this story so much, what a wonderful way to spend time together. I just love it.
Love me :-)

Katherine Thomas said...

Wow! Thats amazing that you do that! You can create beautiful food just like your paper art!

Tracey said...

How cool having your own personal chef, give you lessons. I've never make my own, I'm sure the taste would be so much nicer. Your card is so pretty. And what a fabulous find that flower frog. Never new what they where called until now, so I'm off to see if I can find one.

Tori said...

Yummmy!!! Looks great as well as your card and love the colours!!

Tori xx