Sunday, May 22, 2011


Yes finally i have completed a layout.
I have been doing an online class at Big Picture (when i say doing i mean reading) called 28 Sketches with Lisa Day and yay i have finally got to play along. The good thing with these classes is that you can do them any time, the classes stay on your profile for ever.
This was sketch 9 and it suited me as it uses 16 photos so you can really get a lot on this page.
Please excuse the photo as i was eager to share with you  my work and its late here and definitely not the best lighting.
The photos were taken by my 13yo niece on my SLR camera and may i say NOT on auto, she was having a great day playing with all of the settings and most of the photos are great, some are even breath taking.

Joe must be in a risotto mood as he came out of his cave oops bedroom and made a cheese risotto this time, he needs to remember that at work he has stewards to wash the dishes after him, at wait.....he has Andrew who was standing there washing Joe's dishes as he went along. There is something very wrong with that picture as no one follows me and washes the dinner pots and pans.

With that in mind i will bid you all a good night>


Judy said...

LOL, to funny! no one cleans up behind my dinner dishes either... I wonder why? lol
love the lay out. Have a great day.

Tracey said...

Love the layout... can Andrew clean up behind me as I do the dishes. And wheres my cheese risotto.
love me :-)

Rumi said...

Hi Linda, I've caught up with your last several posts now! Love your lovely cards and latest layout. The pasta and risotto looks absolutely yummy and I would love a bit of that fantastic looking pudding!

Tiff said...

What a fantastic LO! A bit of a talented photographer there too! X

Tracey said...

Hey Linda, thats really funny. My dishes sit there too!
Love the layout.....specially because there is so many pic on one page, great sketch. It is fun following sketches.

Tracey said...

I must be tied.....forgot to finish the

Jenni said...

Nice photots!
I'd love Joe's recipe for the risotto......

Tori said...

LOVE this layout the sketch is awesome and you can fit so many pics on a page! Sorry i havent been aorund commenting lately!

Tori xx