Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A weeks worth

OK i am trying to work out how this new blogging format works so if everything is all over the place i am sorry.
Here is my third scarf all ready to be given to my friends daughter. So far i have made four all for gifts and am a bit scarfed out now.

So far so good although my text is now in the middle.
Isn't this crocheted butterfly just gorgeous. Here is the link where you can find the video it really is quite easy. I have made about 10 so far, some with magnets and some with clasps to go on coats.

Joe did some baking on the weekend and there are my fingers all ready to grab one. They were delicious  but not very diet friendly.
Here is a quick card i made this afternoon for one of our volunteers.
And last but not least is Caitlin's 18th album. Well the front anyway i will post the rest later in the week. I was given this album as a birthday present from the lovely Tereesa all i had to do was cover/decorate it and add the photos. The journalling still needs to be done and Caitlin will need to do that as i don't know the name of all of her Uni friends yet.
OK now my text is to the side mmm very strange. Linking is much easier but i have found putting the photos in harder.
Enjoy the rest of your week.
Thanks for stopping by


Janellybelly said...

I love the crocheted butterfly too, and the 18th birthday album is coming together nicely.

Tereesa said...

Hi Linda, Looks like another busy week for you. Everything, as always, looks amazing. Love Caitlin's album, and please send me one of those yummy chocolatey treats - made me hungry.

suzitee said...

I'm trying to work out the new format too...we must be thinking the same things :)
Your card is just lovely...simple and classy. Great to see you've started Caitlin's album...keep the momentum going! The crochet butterflies are so cute, I can see why you would make lots :)
Joe is such a clever boy, his cooking looks delicious!

Rumi said...

I'm sure your scarves will be very much appreciated!
Caitlin's album will be lovely!

Now you've put me in a baking mood!

Tori said...

Hi Linda, that scarf is amazing, i wish i could do something like that!! They look YUMMY!! and how cute is the butterfly!! And the card looks GREAT ilove the colours you have used!!

Tori xx :)