Monday, July 26, 2010

A LO, A Card & More

Yes this is my recipe book i have had it for about 20 years and its a bit hard to find all of my favourite recipes and when i see something i think that i might like to try well it gets printed and then stuck in here. Not very organised. So what does one do... this... all in their little own plastic pages, sweets at the front and savoury at the back. I got an expandable folder so that i can add more sleeves when it gets full which is just as well because i had to put in another packet of sleeves before i had finished putting in my recipes.
Here's a photo taken on the weekend just to show you the half new me, by half i mean i am half way there now 38.2 kg's these last 10 have been very hard. Oh and that's Andrew (DH) just in case you haven't met him. (he's is moaning as he says his head looks square in this photo-it isn't in real life)

Here's a card that i copied from here
really good as you use left over ribbon bits.

and here is a LO, a different one from the style i usually do. I thought that i would give my cricut a little workout sorry cant even remember what carts i used

Haven't been feeling very crafty lately although i am still working on my granny stripe blanket.
Joe and i are going to go halves in a SLR camera, we are currently looking at a Canon EO500, does anyone have any advice, comments or suggestions for me before we go spend our money.
Our trip to Penang is booked and paid for so all we have to do now is wait until Nov 26th oh its ages away.
Lucky me i had the day of work today as Joe had another Laser treatment on his birthmark and this was the first time in his 16 years that he didn't have to have a General Anaesthetic, yep straight into outpatients, no fasting and early morning appointments we were there and back within an hour and a half. Although he did say that it hurt as he was awake for the whole thing and this was the first time in 16 years that i actually got to see what they do, i had to put some funky glasses on and watched.
Ok babbled on enough for today have a great week everyone.


Tori said...

GREAT LO Linda absolutely LOVE it!!
And the card is very CUTE!! The recipe book looks GREAT also, very PRETTY!!

Tori xx ;)

Thanks for another lovely comment Linda!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your new recipe file looks very organised Linda! I recently did that too - so much better than all the little pieces of paper.

Love the card you did with the pieces of ribbon - looks really effective.

I recently bought a Canon EOS 450D and am really happy with it. Still need to learn how to use all the different functions but it is so much better in low light.

You are looking amazing - well done. Glad that Joe's treatment went well - much better than a general!

Tammy James said...

Great work on the weight loss Linda, you are looking awesome! Love your new recipe file and the card is very cute! Hope you are well sweetie. No camera advice for you sorry!

Katherine Thomas said...

Hi Linda! Glad everything is humming along for you. I like the recipe file. I shove my recipes in a little recipe file box, but they're all folded up and wrinkled. I'm glad you have a trip planned, and it's a few months away, so you get to enjoy the anticipation for awhile. (I think the anticipation is half the fun of having a vacation) Take care!

suzitee said...

So much news in one post...where do I start to comment? LOL.
You look FAN-TASTIC! I know that the journey so far has been hard but OMG just look at that photo!
No camera advice...but when I win the lottery I'll come to you for advice :) Glad you've finally booked your trip...and that you decided on Penang!
Love your recipe organised! Your LO and card are awesome as usual...great news on Joe's much longer does he have to have treatment?

ok...gotta go now :) We really need to catch up!

Tori said...

Hey Linda

Check out my Blog!!


TereesaC said...

Okay - so your old recipe book looks just like mine. A very clever idea using sleeves to enable you to add more, and I love the cover.
Your ribbon card is awesome, and I love your layout too. I think you've been very busy even if it doesn't feel like it.
By the way - you look FANTASTIC!!! So well done !!!

Janellybelly said...

You are doing so well with you weight loss, I love that you have updated your profile photo :)
Love Janelle xx

Rebecca said...

Your recipe book looks fabulous. And I love the cut out card with the ribbons. And the LO is beautiful too.