Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lots of photos

Hi how is everyone. Hope you are all having a great weekend.
I have spent the last 15 minutes trying to get my photos and text up in this new format so once again i apologise if everything is askew.
OK so far so good. Here is a simple card i made for my friends daughters birthday, coloured with my copics.

and the inside of the card.

and two photos of Joe's stripey grandma blanket. L O V E it. I think that its the colour combo that makes it so eye catching. The minute it was of the crochet hook Joe had it on his bed.
Some Sunday cooking. Gee can you guess what type of jam this is. Cut out with my dear cricut.

I am very short of male cards so i put some thought into it and this is one i came up with. The present is cut by the cricut and all of the papers are from my Cocoa Daisy monthly Kit and i just had to use my ticket die and stamps.

Hopefully this one will pass for a male card as well, it is made from leftovers of a LO which is up next

This was made entirely with a Coco Daisy kit, every kit comes with an acrylic stamp (that sold it for me) and here i have clear embossed it in two corners.
Now the next LO is made with papers that i received from the lovely Tereesa for my birthday and this LO is very very simple but it tells a story and that is how i am feeling right now (no that's not true, how i was feeling on Wednesday) am glad to say that i have got passed that little hiccup, but i thought it would be good to write about my feelings. Click on the photo and you can read it. To me this is the whole point of scrapbooking, the journalling, the feelings, writing something as if i was speaking so that in years to come my family will know how i was feeling as well as how i looked. OK that was pretty deep-have i lost you yet.
so here is the LO

see very simple but quite effective.
OK that's me done.
Enjoy your week everyone..


suzitee said...

You are such a multi-talented chickie! Scrapbooking, crochet, cards and preserves....all in the one post! Joe's rug is gorgeous, congrats on getting it finished. The cards are know how hard I find male cards :) The journaling on your LO is REAL...that's what makes it so great. Your losses so far are impressive, so keep up the great work!
Friday will be here before we know it :)

Rumi said...

Great job on the blanket and the cards. I wish I could crochet more but it bothers these old wrist bones of mine.

You look wonderful Linda! You absolutely should be proud of yourself. As for having bad days, we all have them. If losing weight was easy, we'd all be thin as super models--no, that's a bad thing, those girls look awful! I'd rather look like Marilyn LOL!

Janellybelly said...

I can see why Joe snapped up his rug when you'd finished it, it looks amazing. The cards and LO's are fabulous too.

Tammy James said...

Ohhh busy, busy Linda! I LOVE that first card, Is the little girl image stamp? Your blanket is awesome! and making jam too! Amazing! have a great week.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Looks like you had the perfect weekend Linda! Wow Joe's blanket looks amazing - and what a size to be able to cover a bed.

Your jam looks lovely and presented so well. I was pleased to see strawberries appearing at the shop - I will have to make up a batch soon.

Love your use of twine on your latest cards.

Tracey said...

You have been busy!.......Love all the cards, the blanket looks fantasic.....I bet Joe loves it! And you look fabulous, congratulations, your weight loss is a huge achievement!

Tori said...

WOW Linda!!!! GREAT JOB with EVERYTHING!!! All the cards are GREAT :) I have lots of trouble doing boy cards your look Great!! Joe must LOVE the blanket!!! And of course the LO is amazing!!!! And the Jam is soooo CUTE with the little tag on it!!! WONDERFUL job with everything Linda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tori xx :)

Rebecca said...

Love all the layouts and cards and the sweet jam jar, but WOW that blanket is phenomenal! Beautiful pattern and colors. You are a true renaissance woman :)

Tracey said...

YAH I can finally get onto your blog. I have so missed popping in and seeing what you have created. Loved Friday night can't wait to do it again.
Love me :-)

Anonymous said...

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