Monday, August 23, 2010

Another week has gone by. Gosh they sure are flying by.
On Friday night i had a night of crafty goodness with Susan and Tracey
although not much craft was done, a lot of talking and ooing and ahing over Tracey's
vintage aprons and Susan's lovely needlework.
This card was the only real crafty thing i did.
I did however make this card on Saturday.
and late last night i was sewing the buttons and flowers on my crocheted crochet bag (do you get it) its to hold my current crochet project in. The pattern for this bag is free from the talented Lucy at Attic 24.
Earlier in the week the postman delivered this...Joe and i had been waiting not very patiently for it to arrive.
Our very own SLR digital camera. Yes we are going to share it and as he was home from school and i was at work when it arrived i said that he could have the first play. Very generous of me i thought seeing as i was the one that actually paid for it.
So here are a few shots that Joe has taken.
Our first blossoms from the nectarine tree.
A daisy. (the macro feature is amazing) Actually i think i took this one.

and REALLY the close up portrait feature on this is just way to good.You can see just about every pore on my face.
OK, that's it folks
have a good night


suzitee said...

Wow...I think I have camera envy :) What awesome shots...have fun playing!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love your photos Linda! Enjoy your new camera.

Rumi said...

I have a crappy old digital camera--as anyone who has visited my blog knows! One of these days I should upgrade but right now it's pretty far down on my "must have" list.

Love the cute cards you made!

Tracey said...

Loving the photo's and great cards by the way.
love me :-)

Tori said...

Love the cards Linda very cute!! I Love the Trendy trees satmp set!! The photos are GREAT!! and the bag is so CUTE love it!! GREAT work as always!!

Tori xx :)

Janellybelly said...

I currently have my Dad's SLR digitla camera on loan, I am hoping it's a permanent loan :)
The crochet bag is fantastic, I might have to order one from you!
Love Janelle xx

Tracey said...

If you ever start taking orders for the crochet bag, count me in......Love it!!