Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's been a while

Yes i am still here and have been neglecting my blog this last week-sorry.
I am just popping in today to say HI and show you my last Card Makers Tea party Kit. Again designed by Tracey gorgeous aren't they. I am currently working on a 6 x 12 inch album for one of Caitlin's bff' who turns 18 next week so it will be a race to see if i can finish it in time.
Amongst all this i am trying to organise a 18Th party for Caitlin (2 actually-one for her friends and 1 for family). Boy those last 18 years have passed way to quickly.
OK i am going now no time to waste, i will take some photos of my WIP and hopefully post them later in the week.
Oh and can you believe that i made another scarf whilst watching the odd TV last week and this one even has tassels on it. Did i mention before that i don't wear scarves, well i do now.

Night, night or morning,morning


Tracey said...

great job on the cards as usual. Can't wait to see the scarf. Have to catch up soon.
love me :-)

Tammy James said...

Morning Morning Linda :)
Lovely Cards. Its the right time of the year for knitting scarves.

suzitee said...

Yayyyy...she blogs! I've missed you lately :)
Hmmmm....for "not a scarf person" you are certainly having fun with them! Lovely cards too. Tracey's right...we need another catchup I think!

Janellybelly said...

More gorgeous cards, I love the colours in these ones.
Wow, 2 parties to organise. Are you going to be catering both?

Vicki said...

Hope you enjoyed the rest of your day today! Ralph sends 'Happy Birthday' wishes too!!!!