Sunday, May 16, 2010

Behind yet again

Yep i am behind yet again.
Went in to my local scrap store on Friday and i had 2 lovely "cardmakers tea party" packs to collect. These were designed by Tracey, here is the first pack i made on Friday night. Some gorgeous tags that are kept in a little container that has been re-purposed. The one with the button was meant to have this beautiful creamy clay button on it but ho hum someone was a bit to eager in attaching it to the cardstock and it broke..oh well you get that. It's a bit chilly here at the mo and since i have lost wait i am really feeling the cold and cant seem to get warm, now when i mean chilly i mean its only about 18C so i guess you people who happen to live in snowy areas think i am a wuss well let me tell you YES i am. Ha Ha my mum says i don't know what cold is and that is probably why she and dad never moved back to Wales. She hate hates the cold.

Yesterday i got all of my old bread out of the freezer to dry out to make breadcrumbs (as i am getting a lot of meat to crumb during the week). Well let me tell you this afternoon i had 1 and a half buckets of breadcrumbs. Here is my recipe
fresh parsley
Parmesan cheese
fresh garlic (fresh makes all the difference)
salt & pepper
Mix all together.

Now even if someone in your house doesn't like Parmesan ignore them and still put it in, this is so yummy, i usually crumb veal and chicken. You can crumb your meat and freeze it then if you ever need a quick meal just pull it out of the freezer and if they are cut really thin you can fry them frozen. OK i cant eat these at the moment (diet,diet) but if you have any cutlets left they are wonderful in sandwiches the next day or better yet bung (do you like that word-good Aussie slang)them in a casserole dish with a little Italian sauce on the bottom and top, then sprinkle with cheese and bake yumm parmigiana.
OK that's my cooking lesson 101 for today

Off to play with my second pack

Be good.


suzitee said...

I am freezing too! Just Can NOT seem to get warm at night lately, it's horrible! Thank goodness the days are still sunny. Thanks for the crumbing lesson..LOL..sounds like far too much hard work! I get the kids to help me when we have crumbed chicken...they love helping!
Have fun making your cards :)

Tracey said...

You have done a wonderful job on the gift tags, love them. Yes it is certainly getting cold, need to get started on my granny rug really.
love me :-)