Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pot Holders or Face Washers?

Hi everyone thanks for stopping by. I need your help. As you know i thought that i would make some face washers to go in my Easter baskets. I had this picture in my mind and this is the end result.. Yes they look like pot holders don't you think. Not at all what i had imagined. So I got to thinking again and thought "Body Glove", now this did turn out like I expected.
Which would you prefer do you think.
On to other things. I had my second online class for my Hybrid scrapbooking and must say that i am learning a lot and its not too hard.
This LO I did during the week and as i used more of my Hero Arts digital butterfly's (that i printed on white card stock and then coloured in with my Copics) and Photo-shopped the photos (ie I put a grungy frame around them) and did my journalling in Microsoft Word you would call this a Hybrid page.

Now this one I did last night and most of it is Digital. The blue paper and the flowers are a digi kit from J Sprague-Echoes of Asia and the word art was designed for the class by J Mcnally. The wonderful thing is these kits are FREE. Now without boring you the blue paper, photo,word art and 1 flower where all layered and printed on a sheet of photopaper. I then printed some extra flowers onto white cardstock cut them out and mounted them on foam and stuck them on. The brownish background is Kraft card stock and the title and journal strip are from my stash-not digital.

I will never do a whole LO digital for 2 reasons. I love the touchy feely textures and 3d elements we make to go on our pages and No 2- All of my LO'S are 12x12 and i cant print them out on my computer, oh and there is a third point, when would i use my most precious Cricut if i turned a digital scrapper?
Other things..
I have done my usual ironing this morning whilst mum came over and had a chat.
After that I made Hedgehog slice, which i had to taste (just a morsel) and some strange quiche Lorraine recipe (which i also had to taste). I say strange as there is no pastry, the bottom of the pan has a sprinkling of breadcrumbs and then you add 1/2 cup SR flour to the eggs. A bit like the impossible pie. However it did turn out and it tasted really nice.
OK, I have gone on long enough. Enjoy your night and have a great week.


Tracey said...

Wow girl friend you have been busy. I definately, without a doubt love the body glove, its just perfect. I am loving the digital stuff and plan to get into, don't know what I am waiting for really, but I will do it one day. I will just add it to my to do list.
Love your post and your cooking sounds yummy. I must get back into that soon too LOL
love me :-)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love both styles of bath mitts - a great Easter gift idea and they look sweet in the pastel colours.

Your pastry less quiche sounds lighter than one with pastry. Have a great week, Lisa

suzitee said...

The body glove looks great...I don't really use face washers, so would vote for the body glove :)
You are so inspirational...I love the way you embrace new things, and aren't afraid to experiment! Go girl! I'm looking forward to seeing your hybrid LOs IRL.
I need to cook some real food, instead of all the cakes and sweet things I've been doing clothes are getting tight! LOL

Yuliana said...

I love the body glove. The other ones do look like potholder, but they are pretty too.

Janellybelly said...

Body glove gets my vote too. Love the Hybrid LO's.
Love Janelle (wishing I could have some hedgehog!)

Rumi said...

I vote for the body glove. It turned out great!
Lovely LO (now that I know what that means!)

Melissa Goodsell said...

I think the body glove is so cool and clever!!! You know, I think it's just the loop that is making me think that's a pot holder - if I cover up the loop on screen with my little pinky finger then it looks just like a face washer to me, but then the hanger is so great for....well, hanging!! LOL

Thanks for sharing Linda,