Sunday, November 29, 2009

One stamp,3 cards and a little bit of help

Good afternoon
another beautiful day is coming to an end and a productive one at that. Mum's fruit cake is made only two more to go, all of the ironing is done so that leaves me with time to craft. So here is today's offering.
With a new stamp set from Tomorrow's Memories that just happened to find its way into my basket and a bit of help from Jennifer Mcguire
a truly talented lady I made these three cards. One will go into my gift box for Joe's teacher and the other two i will keep in my stash. Off to play some more.
I hope that you all have a great week.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Mini Album

Hi there
Here is a mini album that i have been working on. Ignore the string, i haven't got any rings as yet. The pages are covered with BG papers and i have added a couple of acrylic pages and tags. Its all ready for Christmas to put my photos in.

I have decided to give Joe's PCG/Form teacher a gift box of home made cards for her Christmas prezzie this year, i worked on these ones last night do you think they are OK? (not the Christmas one that was me playing around with the Gypsy) I thought 10 in all plus a box of choccies.

OK that's it from me i have to go and make some Kebabs for Andrew as we are going to have a BBQ for dinner tonight.

Enjoy your weekend.

xxx xx

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Hi All

I just wanted to share with you a little book that I am making for one of the teachers at work baby granddaughter. (if that makes sense)
I simply had to do something with my cute little Disney characters and this is all made with SCRAPS don't you just love that.

That's it for this post
A very short one for me.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Additions

How cute and adorable are these?...... Even Andrew (DH) couldn't believe that I had made them from the cricut/Gypsy. This machine is amazing-look at Pluto's tail (sorry black on black) but its really skinny and cute and the cricut cut it out really easy. I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do with them but they are way to cute to throw out.
Yes its that time-we dropped Caitlin of yesterday at her Leavers vacation spot and now i will spend the next 4 days trying not to think about it or i will go grey. (hehe ..more grey).

Last night we had friends over for dinner which was really nice and on Friday night I caught up with some of my craft friends and had a really nice crafty night. Although not much work is done on these nights even Andrew sat at the table and helped (ie punched holes out with my crop-a- dile).

And this morning I took mum to watch Joe play cricket, so NO ironing has been done on this my ironing day. I am too tired, it can wait, I want to scrap and read all of your gorgeous blogs and as i munch on leftover sweet treats from our craft night I look out the window to see Andrew working away in the garden, the thought should i go help? has very briefly passed through my brain and just as quick my brain has said noooo way you hate gardening.

Keep smiling

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oh No, Who Can This Be?


Did you take a guess

Does the dimple give me away?

Another photo that mum found in dads office. According to mum i had my lips closed as i had lost my two front teeth. I can remember parts of this day, i was only 7 so it was a little while ago. Here's my last nights crafting. Another pack from the very clever Tracey

I love, love love how these turned out.

The one on the right was meant to be a card holder, as i didn't need one i made it into a card, and the gift card/money holder i made with all of the scraps.

Now can everyone please go and have a look at this
I am very lucky to have seen this at Tomorrows Memories and i can tell you that it is amazing. Susan is so very clever and the eye to detail is amazing (sorry there is that word again)
Joe and I made Gnocchi for dinner tonight and i must say that it was -to quote my dad "absoooooooooooluuuutely beuuuuuuuuutiful".
Has anyone started their Christmas shopping yet?
The pool pump is not back yet, they had better hurry or the pool will be going green.
Joe went extremely well at cricket this morning.
and now to make you all jealous Caitlin has been wonderful and doing all of the ironing for me (except for Andrew's business shirts and Joe's school shirts) so i am very lucky.
My little experiment the other day (acrylic stamp) didn't turn out at all like i wanted it to so when i have nothing to post i will show you how dismal they turned out.
Okay off to make more cards or maybe i will work on this mystery Christmas crochet decoration - i will put up the link later.
Have a FAB week

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Always behind

Can you believe it-I am miles behind in my 52Q's again.

Here are 6 that I did on Sunday night so that made me 5 behind but alas this weeks q has gone up so now i am another 6 behind again.
Oh well it will give me something to do.
This week i have to get my fruit soaking and plumping up with one of dads many bottles of whiskey (yuk i hate that stuff) for my fruit cakes (yuk i hate them as well) for Christmas. My mum LOVES fruit cake and so do the ladies at work. So as an extra little gift i make them one every year. I have actually made a few this year as i knew it was something that my mum would be eating and we also managed to get dad to have the teeniest pieces when he wasn't feeling well.
That's it for tonight, i am off to play with my gypsy/cricut and make some acrylic stamps, if they turn out i will show you later. Ha even if they don't turn out i will show you.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


You know that feeling when you are travelling along OK and then all of a sudden one thing goes wrong then another and another. Well that is what my last two weeks have been like. Only mechanical things thank goodness. First there was the garage door with Caitlin's car stuck inside, then there is the leak in the main bathroom now the pool pump has died, hopefully they can come out and fix it before the pool turns green. Now that is 3 things so OK we have had our turn, someone else's now.
On to more crafty things.
The only craftiness happening here this week (last night actually) was this double lay out.
I like to keep all the little bits and pieces from a night like this to look back on. So i have incorporated them in the LO so that in years to come Caitlin can look back and live the memories. All the papers are Basic Grey-Lemonade and all of the other bits were cut with the Gypsy/cricut using the Gypsy font and Gypsy Wanderings Carts.
Here is some randomness;
I have some dough proving ready to make a loaf and some pizzas.
A lot of you ask about my mum, she is doing really well, to quote her and dad "she is a tough old bird" and extremely fit.
There is only 6 weeks of school left.
Oh OK 5 weeks and 4 days to be exact
I love the Gypsy
Joe's team won their cricket match today
Caitlin slept in until 11.30 (she did work yesterday from 7.30am until 6.00pm)
I just watched the new Star trek movie on DVD whilst i was ironing and NO i am not a Trekker but i did enjoy it.
Joe is looking over my shoulder and said to add that he has broken his thumb and is feeling sorry for himself.
Mmmm i might go and make some cards now
have a good week ahead