Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oh my gosh, did I make that?

Hi there
I have noticed that not many people are blogging this week. Are we all to busy? Too right. I just had to show you this though,
You know my new toy the GYPSY well it blends things together and you can then cut them out on the cricut. Anyway I have watched a few you tube videos on how to so I thought i would give it a go and wow its so easy. I got a rectangle from the George Basic shapes cart and stretched it to the size i wanted and then i got the numbers from the Gypsy wanderings cart and positioned them on the top and then you press the weld button and hey bingo this is my result.
As you can see it is an album to put my 52 Questions in. The flower is sprayed with pearlised water, a great tip from Jennifer Mcguire .
I am so pleased with how it turned out (much better than what i had imagined, which is unusual) i will show you it in all its glory next week as then we will be on week 52 YAY. (and PS i am behind again but only by 2)
Only 2 more sleeps until you know who will be coming down our chimneys or through our front doors. Are you all prepared.
OK I feel like crafting something so I am going to turn around and steer my chair up to my craft desk
Have a good night everyone.


suzitee said...

OMG...too clever! How awesome does THAT look? Well done for sticking with the 52 will be a wonderful thing to look back on :)

Tracey said...

Love the little book and congrats on doing the 52Q's (I think I was going to do them too????).
Can't wait to see it all finished.
Finallly have my computer back... for a little while anyway.
Love me :-)

Rumi said...

Looks lovely Linda!

Tammy James said...

Not really prepared but almost prepared I have noticed the absence of bloggers too.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

It looks very effective Linda - I am toying with the idea of getting a die cutting machine next year - looks like it has endless possibilities! Hope you and your family have a fabulous Christmas! I am off to work now and when i get home will be cooking up a storm for tomorrow!

Jenni said...

52 seemed such a long way away when you had just started! Well done. Merry Christmas

kanishk said...

I have noticed the absence of bloggers

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Janellybelly said...

Have a wonderful Christmas Linda, with your precious family and friends. See you in the New Year!
Janelle xx