Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Done & Dusted

Last night I finished question 52. Can you believe it, a whole year gone and I managed to finish the challenge. I love the little book that I made so I had to show you it again. As it has been a sad year for me some of the questions where hard to answer but I did and in its own kind of way it was part of my grieving process. Not artistic in anyway but all made up of scraps and bits of ribbon and left over stickers,chipboard and flowers. So definitely not an expensive challenge. Here is a peek at the inside...
and here are some more cards that I made on Kraft card stock and again with scraps from another LO i posted before. Susan
estimates that I must have hundreds of cards but let me tell you they all get used or given away for other people to use.

Tomorrow I am very excited as i have enrolled to do an online scrapbooking course here
with Lisa Day called "The Challenge of Me", so that should be fun as I have never done anything like this before.
I feel that I should be baking or cleaning or something but I cant be bothered.
Joe got an Xbox for Christmas and has gone and purchased Xbox live and is having troubles getting a game (does anyone know about these things) so he is moping around and Caitlin- naughty, naughty Caitlin went to the beach the other day and came home looking like a lobster.
Before she went I said "put on the sunscreen and don't get burnt" her answer was "yes mum (roll of eyes) sigh ,yes mum " humph obviously the roll of the eyes and the yes mum mean nothing.
Oh dear-teenagers, and yes I was one once.
Now it's new years eve tomorrow who is going out or doing something exciting?? Let me know what you are doing as we are staying home so maybe i can share in your excitement.
Yes I really feel like I should be doing something right now but what, If I can be bothered I will go and make some almond bread/biscuits that i intend to give as gifts on Saturday night, oh alright i had better go and start them.
Talk to you all later


Tammy James said...

Well Done Linda! You got all the weeks finished and did it on time ...I don't know that I could have. :)

Jenni said...

Fantastic effort getting the 52 questions done!
Just got back from Busselton today,so having a quiet new years eve tonight.

cindy said...

Beautiful work Linda:)

cindy said...

Beautiful projects:)