Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nearly There

Hi There
Whats the weather like in your part of the world? It has been quite hot today and yesterday 39degrees, it is summer so i should expect that.
Only 4 days, i repeat 4 days of school left then i am on holidays YIPPEE. I have been busy doing nothing much, you know what i mean, busy all of the time but nothing to show for it.
This is a LO inspired by TRACEY
although mine came out nothing like hers. Joe's face is very bruised b/c he had just had laser surgery on his birthmark and i don't know what excuse i can give you for his top other than he must have just had an ice cream or something.. LOL I do remember soaking and soaking that skivvy. Boy i forget how little they were, time really does fly by. I have just done another 8 tags for my 52Q's, i always seem to be behind but thought that i had better get up to date or else week 52 will be here.
And to finish this post i will leave you with some of my randomness
...Santa (me) went shopping today and bought my present, its not craft related and i have had 3 previously that i could never get enough froth with but now they are new and improved. Can you guess what it is? And i don't need to peek coz i bought it and wrapped it.
...Only 1 more week of cricket before the Christmas break
...I LOVE Christmas carols,does anyone else
...Michelle (at work) and I won a ham on the radio the other day, we will have a nice luncheon with our whole 3 volunteers.
...It's our 21st wedding anniversary on Thursday
...Joe who is 15 has just passed Andrew in height so he must be 6ft4in now at least and he calls me shorty and i am 6ft.
...Oh and did i say that i only have 4 days of work left....
Have a good week everyone.


Janellybelly said...

Great layout, I love the words you have surrounding & describing Joe - Wow, he really is a BIG boy now.
I am another member of the 'buy your own present' club, I just ordered Rosalie Quinlan's new book on behalf of DH :)

Rumi said...

Happy Anniversary! Lots of great randomness in your blog today!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Enjoy your last days of work for the year and hope your anniversary is an extra special one!Your Christmas present sounds great:) My 15 year old son calls me shorty too (but I am only 5 ft 3in!)

suzitee said...

I know I know I know! But since you already told me, I guess it doesn't count LOL.
Your Lo is gorgeous, and I CAN believe he is that tall...he has grown every time I see him!
Enjoy your Christmas luncheon and your last week of work, and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Tracey said...

Happy Anniversary, congrats. Yep he certainly is tall, shorty... sorry couldn't help myself. Love the layout by the way.
Love the randomness, its fun to read.
love me ;-)
PS only 1 day of work left for me... yippee!