Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yes I am Still Here

Hello yes i am still here. It has been a very busy time. My mum turned 80 last Sunday and my dad turns 80 tomorrow. Yes he has made it. We tried to organise a small family part for them but it didn't work out as dad was not up to it. I have been going there everyday helping out and just spending time with them both. So although you will never read this Happy Birthday Mum and Dad.
The whole going back to school/work thing has worn me out as well, boy, two weeks off and my body didn't know what hit it when i went back to work. So craft just had to go on the back burner which doesn't normally happen here.
I have still been on the computer though and following you all.
I am so far behind in my 52Q's that i did four over the week. I so love doing these as i can honestly say that i get to use scraps and it feels good to use them and not waste them.
By now you will all know that i am addicted to acrylic stamps so when i was in my local craft shop and saw these, only A$4.40 who could resist them and if you know me really well you would know that the one with the teacups on i probably would have bought them at double the price. (just love anything to do with cups and China) I should show you my China collection one day, especially my collection of espresso cups.
Last but not least here are two cards, actually they are a bit strange and i am not sure why i made them let alone why i am showing you. Maybe just to let you know that i have been doing a bit but nothing worth showing. ARRR the more i look at these I'm thinking they will have to go in my scrap box.

I have been crocheting more dishcloths and am just about dish clothed out and i have slowly been doing some stitching on my coffee table quilt.
You must go and check out this gorgeous quilt that Rumi has made and very quickly i might add it puts me to shame.
Well that's it from me, thanks to everyone that has sent messages and emails as to my where abouts. It's nice to be missed :)
Have a good week, i hope that you all get and give lots of hugs.


Rumi said...

What a sweetie you are. Thanks for the kind comments.
I do no scrapbooking or card making so I probably do not have a discerning eye about these things but I see nothing wrong with the 2 cards you made. They are lovely.

After sewing like a madwoman on that quilt, I have been a lump in the crafting sector too. Needed time to catch up on all that I neglected while sewing--like vacuuming LOL!

Happy B-Days to your parents!

suzitee said...

Oh Linda....I think we are all in a bit of a rut by the sounds of things :(
Your cards are are too hard on yourself! I love your tags too, such clever techniques you are incorporating into them. Fun just to play sometimes!
My dishcloth has come through it's first wash, and is back on my it xxxxx

Jenni said...

YAY! Welcome back! Give your Mum and Dad a BIG hug and kiss from me.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Best wishes to your parents for their birthdays - how sweet that they get to celebrate their birthdays together - 80 - such a milestone! Your new collection of stamps are lovely - and well priced too. I have a weakness for tea cups too.

Tracey said...

Please wish your mum and dad a happy birthday from me. Its good to have you back and the cards are fine. stop beating yourself up.
Oh and on the 52Q... I think its too late for me to catch up now but I am so enjoying looking at yours.

Vicki said...

Hope your Mum and Dad enjoy their Birthdays Linda!

Tammy James said...

Oh what cute Stamps! I especially like the teapot set. :)