Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hi there, i hope that you are having a good week and that if you live in WA then a good school break. Just wanted to share a few things....
Here is a LO that i did the other day after getting inspiration from two different sources. The first was from Tracey
who always encourages us to scrap the everyday things, one of Tracey's last posts was about her daughter and her music and the SHUT bedroom door. This so hit a chord with me as it happens in my house all the time so i will have to do a LO about my kids and their shut doors. Anyway i am digressing (how unusual) this LO is about Caitlin's love of perfume and as it was her birthday last month and she was lucky enough to get lots of perfume i just had to do a LO. The second inspiration came from an article in the current issue of Scrapbooking Memories magazine. I used my LO paper as the background for my perfume photo. I think that it all blends in quite nicely, and of course the Craft Queen ribbons.
Yesterday i hosted a " real blog" lunch where i got to talk craft and eat yummy things with Jenni, and Susan and Janelle thank you all for coming i had a lovely day and we got to eat these yummy waffles and some fantastic cupcakes that Bec made. (I think that Susan will be putting a picture of them on her blog)

I also made the ladies some dishcloths to take home and try. It's something that you either like or don't (my DH hates them) I love them and i just have to share this with you- I took my crocheting to my 83 yo M-I-Laws the other day and she asked what i was making. Dishcloths i replied. "ARE WE AT WAR" was her reply. See all things come and go, although back then like quilts they were made as a necessity out of scraps.
On another note Jennifer Mcguire is doing some fabulous tutorials for Two Peas called Thinking Inking the links are up on her blog it goes for 6 or 9 weeks with 3 tutorials per week. You can download a pdf in case you forget the techniques.. This week is crackle paints (which is appropriate for me as i used these very paints at a class last night at Tomorrow's Memories).
OK-whew that was long, i have so many projects waiting for me at the moment and i seem to have a lot of mojo so enough from me i am going to go and craft.


Yeow CP said...
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Tammy James said...

Hi Linda,
Oh your dish cloths look great and how sweet of you to share them around.I found a blog recently and she knits up the most amazing designs in hers. I know what you mean about so many projects waiting. Your perfume LO is great too! Take care

suzitee said...

Thank you so much for having us Linda xxx I had a lovely is so fun to chat crafting with like-minded souls, and I am loving my dishcloth (but can't bring myself to dirty it LOL)
Glad your mojo is rearing to go...get into it!!!!!

Janellybelly said...

Hi Linda
Thanks again for yesterday, it was so much fun to catch up. I love my dishcloth, Rachel thinks it's too pretty to use!

Tracey said...

Hi Linda,
it was great catching up the other night at the class, looking forward to the next one. Love the layout and I am so touched for your comment. I love scrapping the everyday, its those things we will cherish in years to come. colin in saving the Ginger Beer till the weekend.
Love me :-)