Monday, May 18, 2009

Mother-In-Law and Ironing!!!!

My M-I-L is a very talented painter and has painted many pieces in her life, she is now 83 and still likes to get her water colours out. Over the years she has parted with many of her china painted pieces and doesn't have many left, I have been lucky to score a few here and there but this mother's day I was lucky to score the very first piece of china that she painted and won an award for.

Not only was accompanied with this beautiful tag/picture she painted. I am going to scrap a page about the day and include this on it as it's something to treasure for ever. and here it is.....beautiful... one day i will take some photos of some of the magnificent paintings and drawings we have on our wont be disappointed.

Now to the ironing bit. Tracey always inspires me to scrap the everyday little things,well you can't get more everyday than this. The paper is from Prima and the blue clothes line is the reverse side of it.
I thought that you could all relate to this page and i had fun doing it as it only took about 20 minutes. I did have fun going through my button stash and thanks to M-I-L I have some great vintage buttons which will look good on this.
Yes i have a thing for bags at the moment but this one looks really easy for me even if i have to draw the pattern myself. Anyone willing to give it a go with me?
Off to cook dinner now so have a good night and bee happy :0)


suzitee said...

Love that you are scrapping the everyday stuff will make for very interesting reading one day when ironing is abolished (fingers crossed LOL). I have seen some of your MILs paintings and they are truly lucky are you? What a very special gift to receive on Mothers Day.
Have a great day xxx

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your MIL is a real treasure! What a wonderful heartfelt gift to receive.

Julianne said...

Love your Ironing LO, I really should spend more time scrapping everyday things.