Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cards & LO's

We have had a lovely day today beginning with my mother in law taking us out to lunch at the Atrium Restaurant of the Burswood, which was all very nice and yummy and I was very good and didn't over eat. Then Caitlin got in some valuable driving time by driving me to Susan's for a lovely crafty chat which always leaves me feeling very inspired to start something the minute I get home. Instead of doing craft though I thought I would share with you what has kept me busy last week.
To start with these are some cards I made which came in a pack from Tomorrows Memories
designed by Tracey . The class is called A Card Makers Tea Party and they have them once a month. I cant make it to the class so the shop always saves me a pack. Next is another page to Caitlin's ball album, I kept it pretty simple as the photo was very colourful. Wont bore you with the papers and all that as I have already mentioned them in previous posts.
Last is my entry into the monthly challenge at TM's, what didn't come out in the photo is the lace I have put all around the edge of the LO and of course I didn't have enough in my pack so I had to go back to the shop twice for some more.

That's all I have got to share for tonight, we have finally had some winter weather here and we had to put the heater on tonight as it's a bit chilly. The one good thing is that I don't have to cook dinner as everyone is still full from lunch.
Now everyone has to feel sorry for me and Joe (DS) as Andrew (DH) is still on holidays and Caitlin (DD) has got ten days off for exams and only two exams English and RE which doesn't require a lot of study. So Joe and I are the only ones that have to get up early to go to work and school...ho hum I feel sorry for us already....:( At this stage I must point out that the house is always immaculate when I come home from work all I have to do is cook dinner, Andrew has done everything else, so I do love it when he is on holidays.
Well I have blabbered far to long again, have a good week everyone


suzitee said...

These projects IRL are just awesome Linda, especially the border on your Challenge LO...very inspiring work!
Tell Caitlin she can come driving to our house any time...the kids adore her, and I love having someone to talk craft with :) You are a wonderful friend, and kept my doldrums at bay...thank you xxxx
Have a great week...gotta love a spotless house ;)

Jenni said...

Nice cards Linda! It's so hard getting up when it's cold now - expecially when there are others in the house that don't have to!
Hope to see you for your birthday....maybe afternoon tea one weekend?

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Best of luck to Caitlin for her exams! It has been cold getting up in the mornings - looking forward to the long weekend! Your cards are gorgeous as always.