Tuesday, March 10, 2009

From this.....

Time for some more ball photos.
Here we have Caitlin with her Bf Brie and Brie's boyfriend Reece. This photo was taken at the pre party. (Just getting you all used to the correct lingo b/c you are all going to go though this at some stage :) ) Sorry I don't know why this came out on an angle but if you twist your head you can see it.
Now this is where I type FROM THIS.......

TO THIS......Caitlin is going to kill me when she finds out that I put this photo on my blog. I hope that Jess doesn't mind. The girls live very close together and they both go to the the same hairdresser-Margaret-who lives behind us so they decided to get their hair done together.

Wasn't it worth it. Don't they both look gorgeous and many thanks to Margaret for doing such a fab job.
And guess who won this months challenge at TM's???????


suzitee said...

OMG...was it you? Was it you? Will have to check out the entries...how exciting!
Thanks for sharing more photos...Caitlin and her friends look stunning.I hope you are planning a mini-album or something to document this day!

Anonymous said...