Sunday, March 8, 2009


Yes it has been and gone and now I should be able to get a good nights sleep (was worried about the after party where 270 people were expected).
And Caitlin looked really beautiful her hair was amazing and it stills looks like that now 24 hours later. Her makeup done by Napoleon was really nice-not to heavy, everything went well and she had an absolute ball. (how appropriate)
Here is her group lined up waiting to get in the limo
At home doing some Bold & Beautiful shots
A close up of her hair so that you all can see how fab it was.

Doesn't she look grown up? Nearly 17, wow. I know that most of you have children younger than mine so you will have all of this to look forward too and it was an exciting day. Although she did say that she was fed up of having her photo taken and of course I said "this is nothing-wait until you get married".
As I post this at 4pm said daughter is having a wee nap as she didn't leave the after party until 4.30am. (I bet that got your attention)
Everyone is getting their own dinner so my time is mine.
Oh I am waiting for a miracle to happen apparently its happening right now....I had to get a new washing machine and believe it or not it has a special wash for different stains and I just had to try out the grass stain as Joe came home from cricket with green "whites" so its completing this amazing miracle as i post this, I will let you know if it works.
Speaking of Joe his cricket team won today and that means that they are in the Grand Final which is fabulous until Joe realised that he was going to miss out on his best friends birthday sleepover. Cant let the team down.
With that I will leave you and go and see if my miracle has happened.
Have a great week everyone


Jenni said...

Caitlin looked stunning....and excited! Glad that the evening turned out reat for you lovee.
Congratulations to Joe

Jenni said...

oops, that odd word was meant to be GREAT not reat!

suzitee said...

Do you REALLY think that that is enough photos to share? I THINK NOT! Even though she does look stunning...I need to see more! I'm so pleased that everything went well, and that she arrived home safe and sound.
Congrats to Joe on the cricket...shame he has to miss out, but you get that with a hectic social life LOL!
Hope your washing machine is as miraculous as you hope :)