Sunday, March 15, 2009

All Neat & Tidy

A black box!
Not just any black box.
I have tried all sorts of ways of storing my clear stamps including purchasing the specially designed folder from Making Memories and none of the methods thrilled me so.....
after a discussion with Tracey on this very topic she was very kind enough to show me how she stores her clear stamps. So of course I just had to try out her way and I spent all of Saturday afternoon doing this. Making divider cards and sorting all my stamps. (I thought I had a lot, but there doesn't look that many when stored like this). So now they are all neat and tidy and waiting to be used. (thanks Tracey)
My only 12 x12 LO for this week was this one using the BG Marakesh. I got to use 2 carts from my cricut, it's a very simple one.

My mini album for my Aunty is finished and ready to be posted so I will have to take a few photos before I post it.
That's me done for today. I hope that you all had a great weekend.
And Mary if you are reading this thank you for last night we had a great time and if you ever want to comment just use the anonymous comment (but put your name) it works (I sent myself a comment on Joe's laptop he he :)


suzitee said...

LOVE the new blog look-all fresh and green! The LO about the Phat pants looks great, and the Marrakesh suits it beautifully. Who are you kidding LOL...your stamp collection looks pretty big from here :)
I am trying very hard to save your Strawberry Freddos and Caramello Koalas for you...they are VERY tempting! When are you coming to save me from them?????

Jenni said...

Loving the look of your BLOG! You are being a Fancy Pants tidying up your stamps etc.! I'm with suzitee - I reckon you have a whole bunch of them. Jen