Saturday, March 21, 2009

Easter bunny

I am trying to be super organised here and have prepared my Easter gifts for 1 teacher and 3 other ladies aren't they cute? There is one that hasn't been embossed (she was my first prototype). I always seem to forget about my cuttlebug, not this time, I think the bunnies look better embossed and definitely ooh la la with their necklaces. Quiet night tonight so hopefully I will be able to do some craft. Notice I say craft, I don't actually feel like scrapbooking (shock-horror). Maybe some cards or some quilting or I could make some pot holders (i have just been on to an amazing blog that is full of such inspiration) i will have to find it again and put a link up. I have got 100's of fat quarters just sitting here doing nothing-just think of all the pot holders I could make with them.
The last day of cricket is here tomorrow. Joe's team made the grand final and it's their turn to bat tomorrow, so I had better go and make an appearance and cheer them on.
Hope you all have a great w/e


Jenni said...

Love them! And when you find that site (re: pot-holders) let me know!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the sweet Easter Bunny Baskets!

suzitee said...

Oooh Linda...they are SO cute! I had a feeling you might be reaching into your fabric stash ;)
Would love to see what you make...and share the website please xxxx

Kris said...

Love your Easter Baskets... See you soon at the shop!