Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Project Life Week 8

Hi there
i am still managing to keep up to date with my weekly Project Life and here is our week 8

Apart from the title piece of paper everything else uses the Studio Calico Project Life kit, which if you follow my Instagram you will know that i absolutely love it, love it i tell ya even down to the cute box that it came in.
Yes Joe got another burn, not his worst by far but it was pretty good and seeing i didn't get any flowers for Valentines day (: i think Caitlin took pity on me and bought some Sunflowers. The pretty turquoise glitter tape did not come in the kit either, boy i love that stuff may have to invest in every colour.

Andrew spent all Sunday afternoon preparing dinner, it was really nice and as a added bonus there was heaps left over for Monday night so that was two nights i did not have to cook. OK i found something else not in the kit, it's that gorgeous striped colourful washi, it had just arrived so i had to use it.

Am not too sure on this pocket its done now and away but would be my least favourite from a scrapbooking point of view. I love the photos of Caitlin and Bec at the beach having some fun before their very last semester of Uni begins.

I had to document the arrival of said kit and Andrew had his works yearly day at the races and he's a good boy and brings me back a heap of paraphernalia.

 and lastly, my God Daughter was invited to her very first school ball so i had to document that.

I have found the perfect place with the best light to photograph my PL, if you haven't guessed it's in the kids bathroom, as one of the walls is made of glass brick the light is just perfect.

Now i am off to check the B.O.M site (Bureau of meteorology) as there is a huge cyclone about to hit my old town of Port Hedland and if you have read one of my last posts you will know that cyclones fascinate me and I'm a bit of a guru on cyclones and hurricanes. I just hope everyone is OK as this looks like a pretty damaging one.

Night all. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Week 6

Hello all, thanks for stopping by and reading my post.

It has been a real hot day here today 40degrees C and when we are at work and moaning in air con comfort we turn too each other and go "poor Joe" as none of the kitchens at the Crown resort have air conditioning. I could not stand it.

I just may stick to my new routine of doing my project life on a Monday afternoon, it stops me from having a Nanna nap and also keeps me from the kitchen and eating, ha, maybe i should do this every week day.

Here is week 6
All cream based this week so i didn't use many of my Studio Calico die cuts as they are mainly white based. I used an old 6x6 paper pad from Sassafrass called Count On Me.
I did use quite a few of the Studio Calico wood veneers, i love them and some arrows that i coloured with my Copics. Not going to mention too much about the yummy thing there in the middle as the competition isn't until March and although not many people read my blog i don't want to give away their creations just in case someone does stumble on it.  IYKWIM

Have to go and cook two meals tonight as Caitlin and i are having Spaghetti Carbonara (yes i know its not diet) and Andrew doesn't like it (who in their right mind does not like carbonara-bacon,eggs, pasta, cream) so i will make him something else.....honestly the things i do for the ones i love.
Might just go and have a swim first though.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Clean Out

My mum is not a sentimental person, and definitely not a crafty one. After dad passed away/OK to be honest before he passed away she was down in his shed clearing it out tidying it up and i remember dad saying "for gods sake Loo (that's what he called me Lindy loo) I'm not dead yet." But that's mum she had to do something at the time. Well, about two months later when dad passed away mum cleaned out all of the photos and albums and of course i couldn't let her throw them out so i just had to take them.
Amongst the treasures was this photo from our wedding day, i know you are not meant to use real photos but that's OK this photo is in our professional wedding album and we must have got another copy for mum and dad. On a side note, have you looked at your wedding album/photos lately? We will be 25 years in December so i guess now is as good a time as any to have a peek down memory lane.

Digressing AGAIN
Here's the LO
Again i used my inner Shimelle and thought about my colour scheme. I started looking for green papers , then i wanted a paper that had some red and pink in it for the roses and mums dress. The rest just came together after that. I have used 5 different background papers from 4 different companies, they are all old and from my stash. Yahoo.
Then i went through all my embellishments looking for red, green and pink and i found that chip board flower from Crate paper which i thought matched quite well, then i got a bit stuck as i couldn't find any other flowers that kind of matched so i decided on butterflies. To make the title match in i used the asterisks from the letters as embellishments and placed them here and there about the page.
No washi on this one but there is some stamping. All in all i am very happy with the way it turned out.

There is quite a few professional photos in the box i got from mums just waiting to be scrapped, luckily i have plenty of paper and embellishments.

Now i may just go and pull out my wedding album, the wedding video can wait for another time.
Good night all.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Week 5

Hello there
alas school holidays had to end sometime, it was back to work for me on Monday and i knew that i would be so so tired when i got home, so instead of sitting/lying done and reading which inevitably ends up with me having a nana nap i thought i would get stuck into my Project Life.

I am really glad i changed to a one page spread as week 5 i would have found it impossible to fill a two page spread and there are only so many filler cards you can use.

 This week i used cut shapes from Studio Calico and some papers from Simple Stories (Snap range). I did use wash again, not with my eyes closed this time and made an effort to use my stamps. There are no 3d touchy feely things this week.

The top right is all about Joe's latest eBay purchase, i haven't done much journaling on it as i will use this photo on a 12x12 LO as well.
The bottom photos are all about another visit to Nobu for lunch and this time instead of Joe being in the kitchen he was eating with us. I was actually surprised that he wanted to come as, who generally wants to go to their work place on their day off?
 Where ever you are in the world i strongly, supremely, earnestly, hugely, recommend you to go and find a Nobu restaurant and give it a try. Yes its Japanese-well kind off and yes there is some raw fish/sashimi but there is oh so much more. Try the Bento box that way you will get a little taste of everything....have i convinced you yet?

It really was a quiet but nice week and now its documented. How is your week 5 coming along?

Thanks for visiting