Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Week 9

Hello hello hello
how lucky am i, Andrew (DH) is on holidays and i have not had to cook anything for three nights as he has discovered a hidden passion for cooking. Imagine my delight when he text me today asking if braised bbq ribs, a salad and crusty bread was ok for dinner...are you kidding...i would eat anything if i didn't have to plan and cook it. Sadly (although its quite funny) he said "its takeaway tomorrow night, i have had enough" ha, i said, "now you know how i feel but i have to do all of that after work".

ok here is week 9 of my Project Life
thats the whole page for you to see, i used a lot of Studio Calico printables that anyone can download and buy, some washi and my favourite doily from PTI.

obviously this is my title card which i found inspiration from Leena (you should check out her PL if you haven't already, AMAZING.

on Sunday i spent a good hour peeling mangos and scooping out their flesh to put into bags to freeze. We usually give about 75% of them away but i thought this would be a great idea especially for smoothies. So this year we are probably giving about half away.
and at the ripe old age of 18 Joe decided that it was time he learnt too iron, as he leaves for New Zealand on Friday the lessons had to start pretty quick.
sorry actually had too much light for this photo. This little cute envelope was in my Studio Calico project life kit and although i love love love oh their so cute love love love them, i do find them hard to use, but not this week, It was our state election and it is compulsory to vote here in Aus so i actually put some of the leaflets from the party that i voted for in the envelope. As this made it rather bulky and this photo is in the top pocket i put one of those mini clip thingys over the top so it wouldn't fall out.
and when Joe gets back from New Zealand and finishes his holidays he starts at a new restaurant at The Crown called Bistro Guillame and laundry have already prepared his new chefs uniforms so he took a photo for me. This will be Joe's last rotation at the Crown after this he will be a qualified Chef can you believe it, three years, time goes so quickly. He hopes to go back to Nobu and work his way up to Junior Sous Chef then travel the world with Nobu.
and last of all Andrew and I had another leisurely Late lunch/early dinner on Saturday at one of our favourite places The Merrywell and surprise surprise this happens to be at the Crown as well.

No pictures of Caitlin this week she was busy with one of her bfs 21sts and has only just given me the photos but i may just cheat and include them in next weeks PL, does anyone else do this?

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dawn said...

Hi Linda,
I just LOVE LOVE this week page! All these pretty colors and washi tape look great! That envelope is such a cool idea for the voting papers, a secret hiding spot. The title card is awesome, will go check her blog to see how she inspired you.

How did your son come to enjoy cooking so much? Was he interested as a kid? That is sooooo awesome though and he should be so proud of himself. I will be cheering for him on Friday!

How nice when the hubby is home to cook, I'm the same way Linda. Thankfully he's always cooked and enjoys it more then me. He has had weekend cooking duties since we've been together. THANK GOODNESS!!Enjoy those 3 days of not cooking and cleaning up, HOORAY!!

Funny I typed up my PL post just now and also wrote that I'm sneaking in some of this week's pictures into next week, haha. It is TOTALLY OK!!

After typing my PL post, all the text is messed up so I have to redo it. Will try again tomorrow.

Take care Linda, sorry this was so long. HUGS!

suzitee said...

Another awesome week of PLing for you!Love those little envelopes especially...how cute!
I sometimes cheat a little with the photos...not often, but sometimes :)Best of luck to Joe, and I CAN NOT believe he has almost finished his apprenticeship. That is ridiculous.

Ginger said...

I couldn't agree more that your PL pages are very inspirational :)

How is the food competition going?? I haven't been able to find much on the internet!