Saturday, March 9, 2013

Music Festivals

Good evening-i will stick with that as it is evening here
Popping in to share a layout of Joe at some music festivals he attended on the weekend.

Sorry the colour is a bit dull as i couldn't wait until tomorrow and beautiful sunshine to photograph it.
He went to two festivals and had a huge weekend, being the good child of a scrapbooker he kept me the tickets and the wrist band they were given for the over 18 festival, looks a bit like wash tape so of course i had to use it.

The skull i cut from the programme and the two guys in bubbles are friends of Joe. Joe is in the top photo on the left. As it's so hot here they always have sprays mists and water showers for people attending to cool down, i am not sure were the bubbles come in.

The middle photo is of the stage for one of Joe's favourite bands, Blink 182. He was right at the front of the stage after half an hour even he had had enough and asked for a security guard to pull him out. I would have loved to have seen that as Joe is 6ft 5 so it would not have been an easy task.

Well tomorrow is Sunday and you know what that means in my world, ironing day, i am sure i have the biggest pile to date Andrew even suggested we go out to lunch BUT nothing comes between me and my ironing. Ha i wish, it's just that if i don't do it tomorrow my mountain will be huge.

Good night all.


suzitee said...

Isn't ironing depressing? I've just finished mine, and it's taken me most of the morning :(
Love your layout! Joe is so good, bringing you home all the paraphernalia...and well done on getting into your album :)

Tracey said...

Fun layout...heaps of great details!

dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

i love this layout.i usally keep our concert tickets and the newspaper add for the concert and then frame it.looks great in our bar room .-love dee ps thanks for the lovely comment s for my daughter i appricate them-love dee xx

dawn said...

How AWESOME Joe is to keep everything for you. This page looks so cool, love all the goodies on it. He will love looking back at that one day.

Too bad the day is spent ironing. We never have to iron, kids are jeans and shirts and so is Rich's work is nice jeans with nice shirts. I've only ironed maybe 3 times in my life. Hope it went by quickly enough so you could enjoy some of your day off.
Have a good week!