Sunday, August 5, 2012

A little crafting

Hello again
Yes it's been a while, sorry no excuses just lazy.
My mystery block of the month arrived last week so here is the block for July

I must say this would not be the colour palette I would choose but I am really liking these fabrics. I guess that's what's good about these blocks I get to make something a little different in colour to my usual style, and here's a close up coz I likey taking close ups.

I am just putting the finishing touches to week 30 of Project Life and it occurred to me that I haven't shown you any pages lately, so here is half (only half as I'm still working on the RHS) of my PL.

I am using papers from my Studio Calico July kit.
I just HAD to include a photo that I took of my computer showing Tracey and me on Nichole Heady's (Papertrey Ink) blog. Talk about excited.
Caitlin and Andrew went to the Footy, they do this once a year kind of a father and daughter thing which is great.
I had fun changing my old typewriter ribbon, it was easy to do but finding a ribbon I could wind onto the spool was a task in itself.
I have nearly finished the other side which makes me up to date until tomorrow any way.

This week I was kept busy with this young man (and I can say man now as he is 18)

Yes Tuesday was spent at the doctors, then X-ray place, then back to the doctors then onto emergency at the hospital. Wednesday was spent at the surgeons waiting to see if thy would operate on Joes finger that is fractured in three places. And how did he do it you may ask....well he fell over a glass that someone had dropped onto the dance floor and landed on his hand. He has now sworn that he is never going to a nightclub again. Thank god,his mama says less for me to worry about.

So that's my lot for the last week, what have you been doing?
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Tracey said...

Well done on being caught up with PL. Great job on the MBOM, yep I love the colours too, its going to look great when its finished.
I know I shouldn't laugh at Joe, but really, a nightclub.
love me :-)

suzitee said...

Oh Joe :) That is definitely a story for PL! It takes some keeping up with, huh? Hope the news on Joe is all good.

I am really LOVING the fabrics in MBOM, but that's probably no surprise...your block look great. I'm so glad we signed far I'm really enjoying just making the one block each's achievable!

dawn said...

This block is pretty, WAY TO GO on getting it done. I think it's neat that you get one different one a month to work on, will look so awesome when it's done.

Oh no, how awful to fall over a glass, that's great though if it keeps him at home and safe. Hope he feels better soon and you can have a easy and more relaxed week with no trips to the doctor.

Thank you for the comment on my blog. I'm so glad you girls recieved the cards. I just had to share those colors with all of you, they are still making me happy. My new art pages have been fun to make, it was inspired by the 3 of yours quilting, love seeing all the different projects you do. So keep them up so it inspires me more!!
Sorry not to many fair pictures from the weekend, it was SOOOO HOT I didn't want to carry it around. I did enjoy a lot of lemonades though. Take care!!