Saturday, March 10, 2012

Just a little test

Hi all, gosh I've been gone for a little while and now I am just popping in to see if I can do posts on my iPad and share photos.
So here is a photo of where we will be in three weeks from now

Yes it's a bit steamy, this was taken from our balcony in December 2010, hopefully it will be a little less steamy this time.

Ok so it looks like I can do posts and include photos, maybe if I'm lazing around the pool I can do a few posts to share of Penang.

Other than that all I have managed to do in the last couple of weeks is keep up with my Project Life.
Life in general and a very sick MIL have been keeping us all very busy.

I am doing this post using The blog press app and it doesn't have spell check so just excuse my mistakes.

Enjoy your weekend
Now I just have to find the post button
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suzitee said...

Too too clever! I have missed your posts lately, but YAY for keeping up with PL. Can you post the photos of your pages from your ipad?

Katherine Thomas said...

Oh, that is a beautiful place! Glad to hear you're going to enjoy some time in such a lovely setting! Sorry to hear about the sick MIL, though! Take care!

Stephanie said...

I'm so jealous, have a wonderful time - it looks beautiful :) xxx

Tracey said...

So happy to see you posting, have missed them. Yay I am back, looking forward to catching up.
love me :-)