Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Juicer

Hi one and all
its school holidays here-yippee
my new buffet/side board arrived yesterday so that meant i had to get out my polishing cloths and unearth this antique from a packing box that has been in there for years. My MIL gave it to me because it was a pain to clean and yes it is but i love it.
I have searched books and websites trying to get some info on this solid silver antique all to no avail, unfortunately my MIL has been diagnosed with dementia and other illness's so i doubt if she would remember so if anyone has any info on this piece can you please leave a comment.

here's another one from a different angle

two of the glasses sit on these cute flower like somethings, my FIL told me that even the glasses are antique (they have a lot of antique pieces and were collectors for a couple of years)
 Now for the next one just pretend its a lemon, i had no lemons so used an apple instead.

So happy that its finally out of its box
Also on my buffet is my new collection of glass-nothing antiquey just stuff that i like

and here are some more projects i have made using the art philosophy cartridge

beautiful lace doily

cute little gift box and flower and tag

some more flowers

yep you guessed it more flowers.

The postie just dropped of a Papertrey Ink package choca block full of goodies so i am of to play.
See ya


suzitee said...

How great does all your glassware look? Love love love it! The juicer is a very interesting piece...but sorry, I have no antiques knowledge at all! Have fun with your new goodies!

Jenni said...

That juicer is just divine! I'd be watching the Antiques Roadshow if I were you...

Tracey said...

I so pleased to finally see the juicer, heard alot about it so its great to finally see it.
Love, love, love the cards! you make me want a cricut, maybe you can hire it out to me LOL.
PTI arriving... I am so jealous.
love me :-)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

I can see why you wanted to rescue that beautiful piece - it is stunning.

Glad you are finding plenty of creative time over the holidays - which are going way too fast:)

Tracey said...

Hi Linda, hope you are enjoying your holidays. Your cards are beautiful...I love the vintage look of them. After seeing your last creations with the Art cart, I ordered one! You are right it does do everything you need.
I also love your collection of glass wear. Have fun with your new goodies.

Tiff said...

What an amazing piece! How cool! I love the colours and flowers on your new creations! X