Sunday, February 6, 2011

Plum Jam

Hello hello hello
how are you all my friends
well it's Sunday (of course) and you all know what i do on Sunday's yes iron. So i spent the morning ironing and the afternoon was, oh, spent doing happy happy things like going to the Swan Valley to get some yummy fresh grapes and vegetables then coming home and making some plum jam with my lovely fresh fruit, making some cute labels for my jam jars and finally cutting out the last three blocks for my table runner.
So a fair bit of craftiness has been done today and hopefully more tonight.
So here is my jam (can you guess that plum is my favourite).
Did i ever tell you that i cheat and make my jam in the bread maker, oh, its so easy. The labels were made by my friend cricut using the Preserves cartridge.

Did anyone watch Hawaii 5 O last week? I did and i thought it was quite good so i will be tuning in tonight. Tonight will be the first night since Joe started his apprenticeship that i have had to stay up late to pick him up then have to get up early for work the next morning.(didn't mind when i was on holidays) so i expect to be tired this week.

Alright that's my  lot for today
keep safe


Tracey said...

Love the labels, they look so great. Looking forward to catching up on Friday for some chatting and fun sewing.
wahoooo a crafty night out, love it.
love me :-)

suzitee said...

how cute are those labels? Hope you get through the week ok...I'll bring some toothpicks on Friday night to keep our eyelids open :)

Jenni said...

Those jame labels are gorgeous.....just makes me want to go and make jam!

PinkBlingCrafter said...

Hi Linda, I want to know how to make the jam on the bread machine I want to cheat too LOL!!! I never heard of that before:) BTW: I love you labels on the Yummy looking jam jars!!!! Have a great week Linda:)

Rumi said...

Yum! I make jam in my bread machine too. Very cute labels--sooo very unlike my freezer tape and black sharpie method LOL!

Natasja said...

Never heard of making jam in a breadmachine, how cool! Love the lable on your jam jars :)

Tori said...

Love all the labels and the jam looks very yummy! Very nice!

Tori xx